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Ambitious young workers want good, fast start
Generation Y poses a dilemma for employers of all sizes. With baby boomers aging, companies must figure out how to attract and retain young employees.


For some, taking a vacation feels like work
Chris Oldham finds it hard to get away. Despite getting flack from his family, he rarely takes more than a long weekend, and when his bags are packed, there's no guarantee he'll go.


Working your way through cancer
A generation ago, cancer was a whispered death sentence, carried out in cloistered withdrawal. But now more people are living with the disease.


Plans, patience ease the return
In the work world a gap in your resume isn't so easy to cross. Pay the right sort of attention to the gap, and you'll safely reach the next leg of your career journey.


Today's work ethic just no longer works
The work ethic is dead. Younger generations in the workforce have killed it off. If you're under 30, "work" has a different meaning than it did.



Best teachers inspire pupils to learn
Inspired learning comes from generating ideas, not having them handed to you. You set people up to experience learning, not to be taught.


Old pros are leading the charge for flexible schedules
The conventional wisdom is that working moms are leading the push to make employers more flexible. But studies are showing it is another demographic altogether -- older workers.

Clever bosses put it off, see if anyone notices
There's one place where we could do with a bit more disposability, and that's the one place where things never die and never go away: management.


Athletes know how the game is played
Stop obsessing about how smart you are. Instead, get some exercise and you'll perform better at work -- athletes do better in the workplace than non-athletes.

An e-mail's style says much about the sender
How do you determine who's highly important and who is regular? You will know them by their e-mail.


Finding fresh talent in a tight market
If companies want to survive the coming labor shortage, and thrive, they need to rethink the way they approach recruitment and retention and, more importantly, who they are trying to recruit and retain.

Next in office decor: the neo-cube, and the no-cube
Some furniture designers are changing the cube in ways that provide privacy without closing workers in, while others are doing away with enclosures.


Making an offer
There are several reasons why making an offer can end up being an exercise in frustration, or could even derail the entire hiring process.

Any situation is a chance to network
Mike Campbell went on a date with someone he met through But instead of finding a romantic relationship, he found a job.


Your visual resume: summer wardrobe interview tips
Not only does your resume have to be perfect, your interviewing skills impeccable, but your "visual" resume -- the image that reflects your personal and professional brand -- must be poised and polished as well.

Time off is a gift; it would be rude not use it
It is one of life's great mysteries to me why people don't use every last vacation day they earn.


Ask the HR expert
This week the experts answer your tough questions about employmee termination.

Long hours, worker shortage pressure accountants
The pay is great, but the lifestyle is miserable, which is why more finance professionals than ever are looking to jump ship.


Nonprofit builds a bridge across the digital divide
One Economy is trying to give low-income populations access to advanced technologies and the crucial skills needed to use them.

Job Doc: Supervisor's job requires shift of perspective, responsibility
I know of an employee who's going to quit without notice, and I don't know if I should tell my manager about this or keep it to myself.


Job Doc: Supervisor can seek hearing test, view results
Whether a manager can require an employee to have a hearing test; pay and performance; and the importance of strong cover letters.

Workplace psychologists help firms develop ways to improve behavior
Workplace psychology has grown in recent years as more employers implement hiring practices, training programs, and feedback systems that can improve behavior and attitudes.


Behavioral interviews examine past to gauge future performance
In my job search, recruiters have told me there is a trend toward behavioral interviews. I am not familiar with these and I would appreciate an explanation.

Don't call us, we'll call you-- or maybe not
Back in the day, getting a job involved two-way communication. But now, it's all about waiting.

Diffusing the workplace's small wrongs
Companies are doing more to combat harassment and discrimination, yet often ignore micro-inequalities that can make a workplace toxic.


Employers can limit the number of direct deposits
Can you limit how many direct deposits a person can have from one paycheck? If someone wants money to go to a savings account, to checking, to their mother's account, and to their kid's account at college, can you only allow three direct deposit flows? (4/30/06)

Longer hours are now the new 'regular' workday
These days, so many workers are putting in hours on the weekend or stretching the workday past dinner a few times a week that it's hard to define ''regular" anymore.

Training vital to developing self-awareness, office smarts
These days, so many workers are putting in hours on the weekend or stretching the workday past dinner a few times a week that it's hard to define ''regular" anymore.


Work dissatisfaction may open door to charting new career
I plan on leaving my job to travel for a year, but an ex-boss just told me that this would make me look irresponsible to potential employers. Do you think this is true?

Wellness programs getting a boost from employers
As part of a strategy to rein in ballooning healthcare expenses, more employers are offering discounts on health insurance to workers who participate in wellness programs.


'Poor performer' tag hard to overcome
I was labeled a poor performer because of medical issues. Is there anything else I can do to turn around this situation?

Finding a job that loves you
Not only do we have to help those we care about find jobs they love, but find jobs that will love them back.


Employer can ask about age, but be wary
Some companies require candidates to fill out a job application that includes date of birth. From experience, I have found disclosing my age that early in the game is a nonstarter. How can I handle that?

Dealing with lying on the job can be tricky
Lying in the workplace happens every day: little lies, big lies, white lies, resume lies. How a person handles a lie depends on the type of lie and the relationship between the liar and the person lied to.


Type of employment can have an effect on jobless benefits
I just separated from my employer. I was not terminated for any cause, and was told that my employer is exempt from unemployment.

Firms employ theater techniques to boost training
Five marketing professionals stood in a circle, hands over their belly buttons, eyes closed, concentrating on breathing.

Not getting enough sleep?
Many adults don't get enough sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation, and the problem is particularly acute among Generation Y.