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What could be better than winning a Will Solimene Award?

I want to begin this month's letter by saying congratulations to Janet Cromer, winner of the 2008 Will Solimene Award for Excellence in Medical Communication from the New England Chapter of the American Medical Writer's Association. (On Call, 05/29/08)

The invisible population: providing healthcare for the homeless

A few years ago, a doctor friend from West Virginia was in Boston to make a presentation at a conference. (On Call, 04/24/08)

A healthcare network

In just a little over a year and a half, I've gone to or been treated by at least 11 different medical specialists. I've worked with three different primary care providers, had CT scans performed at three different hospitals, and had X-rays done at two. (On Call, 03/27/08)

Easing the burden for patients and families

One of my jobs as an editor is to fit the stories we get into the space we have. That means sometimes I have to make choices about what information gets printed and what gets left out. (On Call, 02/21/08)

Doing something that's good

One of the good things about being an editor is that people share information with me. Recently, Helen Osborne shared an email she'd received in response to her December column on using the Newest Vital Sign (NVS) to screen for health literacy. (On Call, 01/17/08)

To develop expertise you have to create the environment

One person’s “Eureka!” can be another’s “Just hold on there.” When that happens, you’ve got a dilemma ― two opposing points of view, each one valid from the perspective of the person holding it. (09/11/07)

No patient deserves less

Healthcare can be uncomfortable for people for many different reasons ranging from pain to fear to inconvenience. When people are uncomfortable, they have a hard time learning what they need to know and do about their health. (On Call, 08/07/07)

The enhancing power of art

Art let's us see our humanity and strengthens our connections with one another. Art teaches us to be sensitive to the world around us. (On Call, 07/10/07)

Maybe someday I'll write a poem

When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer nearly a year ago, my reaction was different than I had expected. When I had entertained the idea the biopsy might come back positive, I imagined feeling a sense of panic. (On Call, 06/12/07)

This is different

After nine years of being a print magazine that focused on healthcare and healthcare professionals in the Greater Boston area, On Call is now a Web-based publication. (On Call, 4/24/07)