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Homecare for the 21st century

The conversation is in the air in every workplace and social gathering: "How can we take care of Mom? We live across the country; we're raising teenage kids, and we work 50 hours a week." (On Call, 05/29/08)

Envelopes of care: healthcare for Boston's forgotten families

When people lose their homes, they often lack decent healthcare. Here's a Boston program that's helping homeless families with children get better care, and attempting to end the trauma of being on the street. (On Call, 04/24/08)

Healthcare for a well community

When Maria Francesconi, RN, NP, hears the phrase "in sickness and in health," she thinks of more than traditional wedding vows. She thinks of when she would like to see her patients. (On Call, 03/27/08)

Palliative care at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates

Most healthcare providers know when to refer to hospice care a patient who is nearing the end of life and has chosen to stop receiving aggressive medical treatment. Fewer professionals and patients, however, know about the specialty of palliative care. (On Call, 02/21/08)

Medical ethics at Emerson

At Emerson Hospital in Concord, ethics rounds provide a forum for discussion and understanding. (On Call, 01/17/08)

The nurse as coach – why the Wellness Corporation's wellness programs work so well

A nurse's perspective is the key to helping clients succeed at making healthy choices in their life. (On Call, 12/18/07)

The integral role of ethics in patient well-being at Children's Hospital Boston

Nurses with dynamic careers in pediatric medical ethics are helping to make care better and safer for young patients and their families. (On Call, 11/13/07)

A real education for kids with special healthcare needs

Radius Pediatric Center Day School at Plymouth is all about helping children to learn - and thrive - in the face of multiple physical and developmental challenges. (On Call, 10/16/07)

The most amazing things happen in Pediatric Medical Day Care

At Franciscan Hospital for Children, medical day care provides security, treatment, fun, and relief for children with special medical needs and their families. (On Call, 10/09/07)

Integrating healthcare ethics into everyday practice

Imagine this scenario: Your hospital is on full-disaster-alert status, but officials are advising citizens to evacuate the city to safer areas. What is your ethical duty to your patients, co-workers, and hospital? (On Call, 09/11/07)

A passion for improving lives

At Jordan Hospital, the goal of patient education and rehabilitation is to maximize a patient's potential. To do that, clinicians work hard to establish personal relationships with patients. (On Call, 08/07/07)

Creative connections

With compassion as its central value and medical humanities as its principal means of nurturing understanding and personal connection, Cambridge Health Alliance staff and trainees are truly attending to the human experience of their patients. (On Call, 07/10/07)

The healing space

At Dana-Farber, cancer patients, their families, and staff have multiple opportunities to explore the therapeutic power of the creative arts. (On Call, 06/12/07)

Looking after the heart

The opening of the new Cardiovascular Center at Jordan Hospital marks an important healthcare milestone not only for area residents, but also for the Jordan Hospital staff. (On Call, 5/15/07)

Art and the art of healing

"Haiku is a pathway that leads to group bonding, self-discovery, and self-revelation," says Lissa Robbins Kapust, LICSW, senior social-work supervisor in the behavioral neurology unit at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC). (On Call, 4/24/07)