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September 2009


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September chats

Sept. 16 Transcript
Temp job tipsTemp job tips
Aaron Green of Professional Staffing Group shares advice on temp jobs, and how to snag a permanent role.
Sept. 15 Transcript
HR know-howHR know-how contributor Elaine Varelas knows the ins of human resources.
Sept. 15 Transcript
Grad jobsGrad jobs
Christine Bolzan of Graduate Career Coaching has tips for college grads on nailing that first job.
Sept. 14 Transcript
Start-up helpStart-up help
Jeanine Hamilton of Hire Partnership offers help on starting your own successful business.


Help! I missed a Deadline
Elaine Varelas offers advice as to what one should do when a work deadline is missed.


September coverage

Negotiating in a down market

Negotiating in a down market

You don’t have to settle for the first offer just because of the recession. HR expert Elaine Varelas weighs in.

Why contracting may be your next move

Here's the top reasons to consider contract work, and what to watch out for if you do.

How to spot the corporate culture

In 40 minutes or less, you can assess if a company's cultural fit is right for you.

Hiring boom isn’t likely, but things are picking up

It’s tough out there. No doubt about it. But after months of unrelenting gloom, there are glimmers of hope for job seekers.

Tweeting for that next job

Why not use your Twitter account strategically to connect you to industry news, events, and people? Here are few tips and Twitter no-nos to remember.

Making the most of LinkedIn

Here are the top 10 ways to discover the site’s hidden features and make the most of its more obvious ones.

8 online search tips

Are you searching online for a job, but keep coming up empty? Maybe your approach is all wrong.

Education and job training

10 tips for grads

10 tips for grads

With national unemployment looming at 9.7 percent, it's no surprise so many recent graduates have yet to obtain meaningful employment. Here's how to get ahead.

Aging students look for career edge

We’re living longer, and that’s stretching our ideas of how careers are shaped. It's not surprising that most schools have evolved to attract the older or working student.

Newly minted MBAs explore other options

As his graduation from Babson College’s MBA program drew near last year, Josh Bob began interviewing for a handful of jobs on Wall Street. But because those positions have dried up in the tough economy, he changed courses.

Frustrated Brown student creates job site for part-time work

Finding part-time work was never a challenge for Walker Williams until he arrived as a student at Brown University two years ago hoping to find a job to earn extra cash.