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January 2010: Moving Forward

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Sunday, Jan. 10 – Wednesday, Jan. 13
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September chats

Sept. 16 Transcript
Temp job tipsTemp job tips
Aaron Green of Professional Staffing Group shares advice on temp jobs, and how to snag a permanent role.
Sept. 15 Transcript
HR know-howHR know-how contributor Elaine Varelas knows the ins of human resources.
Sept. 15 Transcript
Grad jobsGrad jobs
Christine Bolzan of Graduate Career Coaching has tips for college grads on nailing that first job.
Sept. 14 Transcript
Start-up helpStart-up help
Jeanine Hamilton of Hire Partnership offers help on starting your own successful business.
Jan. 14 Transcript
Career change chatCareer change chat
Has the economy forced you to think about changing jobs? Job Doc Roni Noland took your questions about taking a new direction in a bad economy.
Jan. 13 Transcript
Unemployed? Get answersUnemployed? Get answers
Confused about Massachusetts unemployment assistance? Ed Malmborg, director of unemployment assistance, took your questions.
Jan. 12 Transcript
Tips on networkingTips on networking
Is your network working for you? Diane Darling, Boston-based author of two books on networking, offers advice on how to get the most out of your network, both online and offline.



Help! I missed a Deadline
Elaine Varelas offers advice as to what one should do when a work deadline is missed.


Recap in The Big Help

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Census jobs available

The US Census Bureau has opened three offices and is looking for applicants to fill more than 3,000 temporary jobs across the state.

Office Space Makeover

Organized office
Part 4

Organized office

Part 4: Mary and Denise show off the new workspace, and discuss the makeover after the work is done.

Advice and Features

Transfer your job skills

Transfer your
job skills

Trying to enter a new field of work can be difficult, but it helps if you know you have the right skill set for the job. Here are some tips.
Seven safe jobs

Seven safe jobs

Even as many continue to fall victim to corporate layoffs, there are some careers with sought-after skills that continue to thrive in the workplace.
Where are the jobs?

Where are
the jobs?

Even in this environment, there are jobs to be had out there, with many companies hiring selectively in certain areas.
Who employers keep in bad times

Who employers keep in bad times

Worried about being laid off? See what types of employees a business may look to hang on to during layoffs.
Steps to take after a layoff

Steps to take after a layoff

So, you just lost your job. Now what? Here are seven things you should do.
Flex your network

Flex your network

Networking is a lot like exercise – we know it's good for us, we just have so many excuses not to do it. But it's imperative for a healthy career.
Survivor syndrome

Survivor syndrome

For survivors of a layoff, the anger and grief they feel may lower productivity - making them candidates for the next round of pink slips.
Laid off? Be your own boss

Laid off? Be your own boss

For many small business owners, layoffs at larger firms were just the nudge they needed to take a leap of faith and work for themselves.

A wealth of help online

From the general to the specific, free sites offer ways to post resumes, search databases, check out postings. The Globe tested the three biggest ones. See how they rated.
Booming market in mortgagesBooming market in mortgages
Even as the rest of the US job market plumbs new depths, hiring by mortgage lenders is surging now that home loan rates have hit multidecade lows.
Cities ease crime history queriesCities ease crime history queries
Hoping to prevent convicts from being shut out of the workforce, some cities are eliminating questions on job applications about criminal histories.
Industry desperate for nursesIndustry desperate for nurses
Applicants for nursing jobs are still so scarce that recruiters have been forced to get increasingly inventive. One company literally rolled out the red carpet.
Helping firms through tough times
On the Hot Seat
Helping firms through tough times
Bob Gore, managing partner of the HR firm Towers Perrin in Boston, has an insider's view of the global recession.