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Is your résumé getting results? Ever wonder what hiring managers think when yours passes across their desk? Well now you can find out. We asked Boston.com readers to submit their résumés to be critiqued by hiring managers and HR experts – and we received hundreds.

Here is a look at six résumés across a breadth of industries and experience. See what the professionals had to say about them.
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college graduate

College graduate

  • Age: Early 20s
  • Wants: An entry-level job to help pay the bills.
Technology professional

Technology professional

  • Age: Mid-50s
  • Wants: To find a way to compete with younger job searchers.
Financial services

Financial services

  • Age: Early 30s
  • Wants: To make his resume better show his knowledge and experience.
Biotech professional

Biotech professional

  • Age: Early 50s
  • Wants: To change companies after 18 years at present one.
legal secretary

Legal secretary

  • Age: Mid-40s
  • Wants: To change industries, from legal to biotech. Looking for a career rather than a job.
social sector

Social sector

  • Age: Early 50s
  • Wants: A job in public or non-profit industry.





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