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Career transitions

Getting back into the job market at different stages of life | May 2010
Making the leap

Change for the ages

How workers acquire new skills or update old ones will often depend on their ages. For young workers, graduate school and a second degree might provide the avenue to a new career. For older workers, a better answer might be short-term training that gets them to work quickly.

How to remake your working life when you're in your...


Perseverance, and a strong nerve
Perseverance, and a strong nerve
It takes more than just going back to school to make a successful change, career counselors say.


Midcareer change, with no regrets
Midcareer change, with no regrets
Reinventing yourself presents obstacles, but the rewards can make a move worth it.


Taking inventory of skills, interests
Taking inventory of skills, interests
Update and refine your abilities with training programs that quickly lead to paying jobs.


Transitioning to the do-gooder
Transitioning to the do-gooder
You’ll need to make the most of your skills and take a hard look at money and the job's lifestyle.


Help! I missed a Deadline
Elaine Varelas offers advice as to what one should do when a work deadline is missed.

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After the bust: high-tech picture brightening

A decade or two ago, high-tech was the place go if you were looking for a job. New companies were sprouting up, offering opportunities to enterprising workers. Then came the dot-com bust.

Six ways to push your resume into the 'green pile'

We have all heard that a hiring manager only needs a 30 second (or less) glance at your resume to decide whether they will consider you for a position. This statistic assumes, however, that you are one of the lucky ones whose credentials get reviewed in the first place.
Grads take on job of finding work

Grads take on job of finding work

Prospects are looking brighter for 2010 college graduates as the economy continues its slow but steady recovery.
One goal: Be a nonprofit director
Career Makeover

One goal: Be a nonprofit director

Chris Burke agreed to sit down with a career counselor and go over his job search techniques as part of a Boston Globe Career Makeover. Here are the results.


May 19 Transcript
Overcoming ageOvercoming age
Career counselor Roni Noland talks about overcoming age issues during the interview.
May 18 Transcript
What the state is doing to helpWhat the state is doing to help
Mass. undersecretary of workforce development Jennifer James talks about what the state is doing to keep the job market afloat.
May 17 Transcript
How to start overHow to start over
HR expert and contributor Pattie Hunt Sinacole talks about switching careers.


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