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Wedge-shaped shell
The tapered geometry of the stage walls assures clarity of sound for listeners and performers.

Thick windows
The windows are constructed of two one-inch-thick laminated glass panes and are separated by 18 inches of air space. This keeps the good sound of the hall inside and unwanted sound outside.

An 8-inch concrete shell between the concert hall and the basement isolates noise generated by mechanical systems.

Quiet air conditioning
Under every seat is an air grill that wafts air gently and quietly to each listener.

Variegated stone walls
Found on side walls and side stage surfaces, the slate stone absorbs small amounts of very-high-frequency sounds, "burnishing" them by removing any possible harshness.

Canted surfaces
The walls are slightly canted at the top to prevent flutter -- multiple reflections that occur between parallel walls.

SOURCES: Epstein Joslin Architects; Acoustics -- Kirkegaard Associates