People can self-screen for mental health conditions at Wellesley nonprofit’s new kiosk

Screening for Mental Health

A Wellesley-based nonprofit, Screening For Mental Health, has launched a new project that allows people to detect illnesses like anxiety or depression by themselves.

The project, the MindKare Kiosk, uses a digital, anonymous, question-and-answer based test administered at one of its kiosks to give individuals information on common and treatable mental health conditions.

“The MindKare kiosk is designed for use in public spaces and aims to reduce stigma by making learning about and screening for treatable mental health conditions as commonplace as a blood pressure screening,” the organization said in a statement.

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They said they hope the kiosks will be conversation starters, especially on college campuses.

The program launched at Drexel University, and now the company is looking to bring the kiosk to an undisclosed Massachusetts university later this year, allowing local students to also get themselves a “check-up from the neck up,” according to Boston Magazine .

Nationally, an average of one in 10 students will visit their college’s counseling center before graduation. At some schools, such as MIT, nearly 15 percent of the student body will go to the counseling center each year, according to the school’s website, and about 35 percent of students in a given class before they graduate.