Marathon Bombing Survivor to Play Golf Again With Bionic Limb

J.P. Norden was an avid golfer before he lost his right leg at the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings in front of the Forum Restaurant. Next Step Bionics and Prosthetics, Inc. fits bionic limbs for people who have had an amputation, and they provided Norden with an aritificial prosthesis. spent some time with Norden at the company’s Newton location, where he was fitted with a bionic limb specificially designed for him to play golf.

Next Step made sure the rotator within Norden’s prosthesis would allow him to turn his leg while swinging a golf club. The company prides itself on listening to its clients’ needs after an amputation. Nowadays, Norden feels entirely comfortable in his prosethesis: He said he can’t remember what it felt like to stand on his real leg. And he’s glad to be able to golf again.

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