Study: People in England are using Facebook while having sex

(FILES) A view of and Apple iPhone displaying the Facebook app's splash screen in front of the login page May 10, 2012 in Washington, DC. Facebook said October 4, 2012 that it now has more than one billion users, in a new milestone for the world's biggest social network. Co-founder Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement, saying the number is "humbling. "This morning, there are more than one billion people using Facebook actively each month," he said in a statement. "If you're reading this: thank you for giving me and my little team the honor of serving you. Helping a billion people connect is amazing, humbling and by far the thing I am most proud of in my life." AFP PHOTO / Karen BLEIER /FILESKAREN BLEIER/AFP/GettyImages
A study in the United Kingdom found that some people are checking Facebook during sex.
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It sounds like quite a few people in England have their priorities mixed up.

According to a report from The Daily Dot, a survey conducted by condom company Durex found that 5 percent of people in the United Kingdom admitted using Facebook while having sex with their partner. Which, wow. More from their report:

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The Durex study, which polled 2,000 residents of the United Kingdom, attempted to determine whether technology had an adverse effect on Britons' sex lives. The results pretty clearly indicated that it does: 30 percent of respondents reported that their partners had been distracted by their mobile devices during sex, and 60 percent said they spend more time playing with technology in bed than they do focusing on their partners.

Sex is a lot of things to a lot of different people, but the generally accepted idea is that you’re trying to connect with your partner a lot physically and at least a little bit emotionally.

Facebook doesn’t really fit in with that idea.

So the natural question is: what heck is going on in those bedrooms?

Are they checking Facebook as some sort of sexual aid? Are they surfing their friends’ mobile uploads and checking who updated their profile picture? Are both partners checking Facebook?

All of those seem like legitimate possibilities, but Durex didn’t do the legwork to get us those answers. And that’s a shame because the idea of two people having sex while they both check Facebook is alarming and hilarious, and we have a right to know if anyone is pulling that off somehow.

But the worst part has to be that people are openly admitting that they or their partners do this. Is there no shame?

Look, there’s little question that technology is slowly but surely pushing its way into nearly every facet of our being, but this kind of feels like we’re crossing a line. Put the phones away people, you’re getting laid here.