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Reading the poll results
Globe poll results

Has what you've learned about sexual abuse of children by priests caused you to donate less money to the church than before, or has it not?
Numbers are percentages
    Gender Attend Mass1 Age Income2 Law
  Total Male Female W M Y <Y 18-39 40-64 65+ <40k 40-80k >80k Agree Disagree Very Some Not
Yes, it has 44.1 39.1 48.7 44.7 46.4 37.7 53.0 33.3 50.0 47.5 39.7 42.8 49.2 47.0 22.9 44.3 43.0 45.8
No, it has not 55.4 59.9 51.3 55.3 52.5 62.3 45.2 66.7 49.0 52.5 60.3 55.7 50.8 52.7 74.4 55.1 57.0 52.9
Don't know 0.5 1.0 1.1 1.7 1.0 1.4 0.3 2.7 0.6 1.3


1 Survey participants were asked "How often do you attend Mass?" The answers were: Weekly (W); monthly (M); yearly (Y); and less than once a year (<Y).

2 Survey participants were asked "Into which of the following categories does your annual household income belong?" The answers were: Less than $40,000 (<40k); between $40,000 and $80,000 (40-80k); and more than $80,000 (>80k).

3 Survey participants were asked "Did you agree or disagree with Cardinal Law's decision to resign?"

4 Survey participants were asked "How important would you say the Catholic faith is to your everyday life?" The answers were: Very important (Very); somewhat important (Some); and not very important (Not).

Margin of error: +/ 5 percentage points on questions answered by all Catholics. When pollsters offered choices to the respondents, the choices were rotated so that different options were offered first to different respondents.

This poll of 400 Catholics living in the Archdiocese of Boston was conducted May 4-6, 2003, by KRC/Communications Research.

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