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2014 update

Crux, a Catholic news site

A new site from the Boston Globe includes news updates on clergy abuse and other Catholic issues.
Globe coverage of the scandal has been divided into nine categories:

Archive of coverage

April 2002

April 1
Law cites 'wounds,' counsels hope
Catholic leaders debate cure for sex abuse

April 2
Garland retains a new lawyer
N.Y. priest accused of raping boy arrested
2 Calif. dioceses to pay woman $1.2m
Irish bishop quits; admits he failed children

April 3
Priests treated in secretive world
Globe to write book on church scandal

April 4
Dozens allege abuse by late priest
Church petitions judge for gag order
Regis head defends invitation to Law
N.Y. archbishop gives DA list of clergy
Two men sue Vatican in abuse cases

April 5
No gag order for alleged victim
Law is new defendant in clergy abuse suit
DA calls N.Y. diocese policy 'disturbing'

April 6
Former student accuses priest
Passage expected of law requiring clergy disclosure

April 7
Calif. parish says Boston quiet on priest

April 8
Church gave letter of assurance on priest
World doesn't share US view of scandal
Amid protesters, Irish cardinal apologizes
Head of Mormons condemns sexual abuse

April 9
Shanley's record of abuse long ignored
Analysis: Heavy blow to cardinal's credibility
Shanley's alleged victims detail torment
Statement of alleged victim
Church letters show geniality
For Shanley, a humbling exit
In San Diego, past was a mystery
Medeiros saw 'ominous' shift
Globe Editorial: A church betrayed
Brian McGrory: The cardinal must go
James Carroll: From celibacy to godliness

April 10
More are calling for Law to resign
Reilly doesn't rule out charges vs. supervisors
Eileen McNamara: Was Shanley blackmailing church?
Derrick Z. Jackson: Law and disorder in the church
Globe Editorial: Losing faith in Cardinal Law

April 11
Some at BC say Law unwelcome
Lawsuit ties boy's death to abuse by priest
Drop in giving to Catholic Charities is laid to sex scandal
Clergy-abuse notification bill likely to pass Senate
Brooklyn bishop agrees to reveal names of priests
Joan Vennochi: Catholics face new questions of faith
Op-Ed: A forum for reflection and study for priests

April 12
Cardinal undecided about resignation
Law aides often dismissed complaints of clergy abuse
60 percent in poll say Law should resign as archbishop
Bishop bows out as speaker at BC High commencement
N.Y. grand jury to investigate diocesan actions
Scot Leigh: Can next pope heal the church?

April 13
Law decides to stay on as cardinal
Scholars see hand of Rome in letter
For faithful, debate about Law's future goes on
Abuse victims decry cardinal's letter as insult
Task before cardinal is immense, priests say
Critics blast Law for comments on archdiocese files
Stance surprises political leaders; some fear split
Former Bellingham priest indicted
Haitian agency's use for charity aid eyed
Globe Editorial: The cardinal's choice

April 14
Scandal darkens a bright career
Attorneys see scope of cases still expanding
Catholic Charities paid for buses to Law's Mass
Bishop's conference leader sees benefits from controversy
Abuse panel to continue work, members say
Eileen McNamara: Reclaiming their church

April 15
Worshipers separate church and faith
Scandal prompts scrutiny of hierarchy in Polish church
Globe Editorial: Careful balance on abuse

April 16
Pope summons cardinals on crisis
South End priest says church must shed corporate image
Brian McGrory: A costly crisis for the church
Globe Editorial: The Vatican's role

April 17
Law saw pope, discussed quitting
Text of Cardinal Law's statement
Most Catholics in poll want a resignation  Poll results
Lawyer seeks more records on Shanley
Eileen McNamara: Call to Rome not enough
James Carroll: What the cardinals must do
Op-Ed: The priceless gift of the priesthood

April 18
Law to give deposition on Shanley
Cardinal to say Mass on Sunday
Cardinals may face obstacles at summit
Papers target priest linked to Reardon
Jeff Jacoby: Criminal priests and the Commandments
Vennocchi: Boston's dinosaurs hang in there

April 19
Shanley couldn't outrun past
4 lawsuits filed alleging abuse by Jesuit priests

April 20
Catholic leaders hit coverage
Cardinal says Vatican talks to include wider issues
Bishop leaves chair of panel on sex abuse
National Catholic weekly urges Law to step down

April 21
Pontiff reaffirms rules on celibacy
Brooklyn's Daily had glowing praise for accused priest

April 22
Law offers steps against abuse
Law's supporters counter protests outside cathedral
Experts say Vatican not concerned over money
Adrian Walker: Pope must take action
Op-Ed: The danger of false accusations
Globe Editorial: Power to the laity

April 23
Law's future on minds at summit
Discordant cultures to meet in the Apostolic Palace
Mattapan pastor calls for cardinal to resign
Parent alleges deterring by pastor
Bush adviser optimistic that scandal can be overcome
Joan Vennochi: Shifting the blame

April 24
Pope calls sexual abuse a crime
Pope's position draws praise and criticism
State lawmakers agree on clergy reporting bill
Catholics feel pain, disagree on how to cure it
Law is alone, apologetic as meeting starts
Details emerge on Law's secret trip to Rome
Actions of Reardon supervisor at issue
Eileen McNamara: For church, a false issue
Scot Lehigh: A changing of the old guard in Boston
Op-Ed: Public outcry is justified - Law must go

April 25
Cardinals offer policy on sexual abuse
Analysis: Results leave some disappointed
Lay leaders express caution, optimism
Archdiocese discovers more Shanley documents
Catholic press must reconcile Church, fourth estate
Settlement talks fail in suits over sex abuse in R.I.
Ellen Goodman: What celibacy's got to do with it
Globe Editorial: Vatican's muffled voice

April 26
Files show Shanley tried blackmail
Nuns' group to seek greater voice in Rome
Bishops at Vatican reportedly discussing the future of Law

April 27
Law seeks to curb organizing by laity
Archdiocese rebuts report Law to leave
Letters offer insight on Shanley
Judge issues gag order on archdiocese documents
$500,000 Yawkey gift to Catholic Charities
Church still defensive, not penitent

April 28
Jumble of abuse policies sows confusion
Monsignor Ryan resigns over suits
Seminarians follow the bishops' debate
Focus: Prevalence of male teen victims raises issues
Eileen McNamara: Troubles on the doorstep

April 29
Law calls alleged victim negligent in abuse case
Law makes annual pitch for funds
Child sexual abuse cases harder to track, verify
The Ombudsman: Bias on the church scandal?

April 30
Law aides balking at cost of Geoghan settlement
Pastor rejects fund drive led by Law
Alleged victim demands apology from monsignor




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