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Spotlight Report

O'Malley named new Boston archbishop

What is your reaction to the appointment of Bishop Sean O'Malley, former leader of the Fall River diocese and current head of the Palm Beach, Fla., diocese, as archbishop of Boston? Will his leadership bring healing to the church, or are further steps needed? Share your thoughts.

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Page 6

I don't remember Bishop O'Malley being found guilty of abusing children or covering up a related scandal... yet some of the posters to this board have implicitly accused him of this. As a Catholic, I join everyone else in their disgust of the Church scandal and the resulting cover-up. I have actually stopped attending church for the time being as a result. However, referring to all priests and church officials with insults, regardless of their involvement, is an ignorant and ineffective way to deal with the problem. Not all of the priests knew about this while it was going on - so accusing of every church official of participating in the scandal, simply because they are a church official, is the equivalent of a witch hunt. Oh, and by the way, for all those posters who don't *care*, why are you wasting your time talking about it???

KZ, Brighton

You don't have to be in the 1% US bracket to not share charity with the Catholic church. A lot of us have stopped contributions. Stick to your personal issue and stop bragging about how much you and your wife earn.

Jim, Southshore

The apathy runs rampant with some of the naysayers, then again they probably don't have a nice thing to say about anyone. Perhaps they should take a long hard look in the mirror!!! As far as Bishop O'Malley is concerned, my hopes and prayers are with him as I hope he can lead this church to the institution I grew up being proud of!!

Mark, Westford

The move is a good one for the Catholic Church. What is interesting is many of the responses seen here and coverage in the Globe. Liberal fools have no need for the Catholic Church, or for religion in general, and just love knocking it every chance they get. They'd rather learn of morals from Hollywood and the Clintons. Heaven forbid we have the 10 Commandments in school AND prevent groups of kids to form bible study groups while other kids (probably the offspring of liberals) waltz around in their Marilyn Manson shirts and talking about slapping around their ho's and set up student gay and lesbian groups and whatnot. What a sad, sad state of affairs. Thank goodness we have good, rightous people like Dubya and Gov. Romney in charge to offset the liberal mindset.

Diamond Dave, Taunton

Just a PR move by the church. This is supposed to be a change although it is only more of the same. This appointment changes nothing. The church has been a major disappointment in our life and their inability to fix the root cause is amazing. Allow priest's to marry, allow the woman to become a Priest and how about this, let's tax the Churches. We the tax payers are paying for the churches errors through trials. How Cardinal Law got away with what he did is criminal, no accountability, PERIOD.

Steve, Milford

I am in the .6% highest income earners and the appointment of Bishop O'Malley is good news to all catholics everywhere. I am sure he is going to make a huge difference. Due to his appointment my donations to the church are sure to increase. I mean the fees lawyers charge are incredible high never mind the need for the church to pay off millions of dollars in lawsuit money. At least I know when I am donating my wealth it is going to a good cause. The media coverage this appointment is recieving should be ten times greater. THis is the biggest news story in years.

Steve, Westford

Let me get this straight. We've had 50 years of unimaginable sexual abuse by the men we trusted most with our children, while they preached the good book to our face, yet in reality they were the worst kind of human beings. They went out of their way to hide these people from the public, and send them off to hurt countless other kids ALL for the sake of money. Then, after all that, they have continuesly stonewalled the victims and their lawyers, and because the same guys who've been calling the shots all along appoint a "Good Man" we're supposed to forget? Let me say this, if the Catholic Church was a school system, the Pope, the Ex-Bishop Cardinal OUTLAW and countless priests would be in jail for 50 years

Brian, Somerville

I was hoping for Bishop Bruskewitz of Lincoln, Nebraska for his conservatism and his courage to protect the Catholic Faith from apostacy. I will pray for our new archbishop and hope he will get it right. The first thing he must do is restore respect for the Holy Eucharist by telling alleged Catholics who don't go to Mass to refrain from receiving Communion at the weddings and funerals they show up for. Catholics are those who believe what the Church teaches. The rest are protestants. Dan in Norwood, my home town: there's a big difference between the Globe covering the story when it broke and the Globe pounding away at it for over a year and a half now. Most of the molesting priests are either dead or in jail and most of the abuse happened decades ago. The Globe wants us to think it's a current story. The only thing current is the demand of the mouthpiece lawyers for lots of money to cure the abused. To the rich guy on the northshore, please stop calling yourself a Catholic. If I let the crimes of men affect my faith, I had no faith to begin with.

FR, Beverly, MA

I am in the top .0000001% of highest income and I dont even need to type this myself. Good Luck to the new bishop, he is going to need it.

Sigmund, Bridgewater

To Steve from Westford, to be in the .6 % of wealth in this country you have to be making upwards of 10 million a year. I know this because I sell Private Jets, and I've never known of a guy worth 50 million living in Westford and talking about his "wealth" Guys who make that kind of money don't talk like that unless they inherited it from their Dad while they did nothing. Another thing, guys who make that kind of money, (and I know many of them) would NEVER be on this website. Mostly though, guys who make that kind of money don't donate to something as unsecure as the Catholic Church right now. They'd donate it to cancer research or something more tax friendly. However giving you the benefit of the doubt, I'm sure your "HARD EARNED MONEY" will fit well into Attorney Owen Todds pockets. The Catholic Church owes him about 2.5 million for his tremendous ability to stonewall sex abuse victims. Good Luck Steve

Brian, Somerville

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