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Spotlight Report

O'Malley named new Boston archbishop

What is your reaction to the appointment of Bishop Sean O'Malley, former leader of the Fall River diocese and current head of the Palm Beach, Fla., diocese, as archbishop of Boston? Will his leadership bring healing to the church, or are further steps needed? Share your thoughts.

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Page 5

In addressing Peter's absurd comments from Mount Prospect IL, his argument lacks merit. The Nazi's and Hitler also did alot of good for the German people. I wouldn't however overlook the hate and evil of that group though becuase they built state of the art highways, manufacturing and provided work for the vast unemployed populous! Once you begin raping and sodomizing children, fail to report the crimes, then cover them up and ship off the perverts to other churchs, you lose all credability as a moral institution! Their are plenty of charities in the world that we give our money to, and the last one would be the Catholic church!

Tim, Northshore

I think what has been going on in the cath church is reprehensible. I have totally abandoned catholicism as my religion because I dont want my son to be molested by their priests. The cath. church has shown a complete lack of concern to cleaning up this mess, it is just "sweep it under the rug", business as usual.

Sara, Tewksbury

While I think this astep in the right direction it is not until the church leadership recoginzes it's own sins instead of trying to point to others that a real change can begin. Hopefully Bishop O'Malley can bring in some much needed reforms and remember that the church must deal with the VICTIMS they wronged and continue too. Until then then the majority of Catholics will continue to be angry and skeptical of any their actions.

Tim, Quincy

We should all hope that this new assigned Bishop will prove to be a positive attitude on the Church. Please give him a chance

Pat, Cambridge

The cynicism and the "who cares?" mentality is due to the fact that this will change very little. The problems went far beyond Cardinal Law and his replacement is nothing more than a public relations move. Major changes need to take place in the Catholic Church at the highest levels. Admit to that and move forward. The cover up and shame of what was allowed to occur to innocent children is sickening and flat out obscene. As a parent and a Catholic, I cannot bring myself to step foot in a church anymore. I will not be a part of this. The fact that I grew up being told that I would go to hell for using bad language by the same men who were either molesting boys or covering up the molestation in order to keep the Catholic Church Incorporated in business is absurd beyond words. Sell the million dollar properties that sit vacant and clean house before you expect any semblance of a return to 1950's style devotion to the Church.

Barb, Boston

Bishop O'Malley may indeed be a good man and a dedicated leader, however it is obvious to me that the church as a whole is not interested in positive change and/or any input from it's community. The decison has been made to "wait out" this scandal and similiar scandals that will continue to erupt in the future. The catholic church is a broken organization that often resorts to tactics of secrecy and shame. No signifigant changes will ever be made until the last dollar stops flowing into the baskets.

Try to Think , Boston

Bishop O'Malley's appointment brings someone who has credibility on the sex abuse issue. However, the challenges to the Catholic faith extend beyond this issue. Catholics are looking to renew their faith and restore the small communities for which their parishes represent the good work that has existed in the past and will in the future. Bishop O'Malley appears suited to make Catholics feel part of the process--where today Catholics are being forced to play a larger role in the future of their Church. We know and I think he knows that we can no longer be flock of sheep following a leader but be responsible/faithful/and spirtually active members of our faith. He lives the simple life of his Franciscan vows and this is what the Boston Archdiocese needs at this time.

Paul , Braintree, MA

It seems to be a move in the right direction. But some profound changes are needed in the Catholic Church, such as celibacy, women in the priestwood etc...For those who keep saying they don't care or why is it front-page news: just change the page.

P.D, Randolph

i have met bishop o'malley in fall river, a kind & wise person . he will make the difference. he once prayed for my 6 week old grandson at the santo christo feast in f.r. ma. 3yrs ago who was in boston childrens hospital. remembered him in the sunday mass he celebrated. that sunday a fever finally broke on my grandson & his health took a turn for the best. thank you bishop o"malley for your prayers. i am sorry not to thank you sooner. he will make the difference. god bless

Synthia, Mass

He may have led clean-ups in major abuse scandals (e.g. James Porter), but having belonged to the Fall River diocese my entire life, I am personnaly aware of less high-profile instances where matters were swept under the carpet and priests were re-assigned by O'Malley.

Karen , Boston

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