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Spotlight Report

O'Malley named new Boston archbishop

What is your reaction to the appointment of Bishop Sean O'Malley, former leader of the Fall River diocese and current head of the Palm Beach, Fla., diocese, as archbishop of Boston? Will his leadership bring healing to the church, or are further steps needed? Share your thoughts.

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Oh yes godspeed KB from somerville, godspeed to all the pedophile sickos and the criminals that covered it up for years, YEARS!! Bunch of criminals lets see how many more sick pigs we can keep out of jail.

Jeff, Abington

I think this is a good choice and although not a Catholic (married to one...) I think his reluctance to bankrupt the archdiocese to settle claims is the right one. What will the cash settlements do to heal the suffering of the abused? And if these settlements to benefit the few prevents the church from serving the masses (it already has by causing schools to close) is it proper to punish thousands of children to pay out cash much of which will go to lawyers? Furthermore how do you pay claims out to people who have accused deceased priests who cannot defend themselves. The proper thing to do is to pay out small settlements and offer a lifetime of counseling and support free of charge. The archdiocese has ample assets of a noncash variety to help those that were truly abused. The myth that large cash settlements are a panacea and a way to solve the problems has got to stop. After the victims have cashed the checks what changes in their lives?

Doug W, E Boston

The problem starts at the Vatican. Until real reform is made at the top, this latest appointment is a non-issue.

Mark, Foxboro

My only thought is that I think the appointment of a SEAN PATRICK O'MALLEY was done purposely to appease the heavy Irish catholic population here. They may not have been as successful appointing Giorgio Mario Cappellazenetti.

Kristen, Cambridge

Boy another figurehead to come and "run" the archdiocese. The system is flawed so why would appointing another individual change anything?

Joe M., Winthrop

It's pretty apparent in reading these reactions that the profound sense of negativity that is inherent in the Boston mindset is at work again. 12 years after I moved away from my hometown, and people are just as cynical and surly as ever. As a practicing Catholic, I have been disturbed by what has happened in our church. But it will never get better unless everyone realizes that we ALL have to work for a solution. Cursing church leaders and resigning from the faith solves nothing; it makes you a quitter, something that Bostonians are perceived as in the rest of the country (in case you haven't noticed, there are 49 other states!). Give O'Malley a chance and pray for him. When all is said and done, there are far more positives about the Catholic church than negatives (Catholic Charities is one that comes to mind). But you would never know that from our media......nor from the dark clouds that are populating this forum.

Peter, Mt. Prospect, IL

Please give Bishop O'Malley a chance. He did a great job in Fall River resolving the Father Porter case and put in place procedures 10 years ago that should have been adopted elsewhere. (Like Boston) I've been very disappointed by some of the comments made by those impacted by the abuse scandal. Being negative before the man has even had a chance to unpack his suitcase is just unfair. HS, Cape Cod

Hank, Sandwich, MA

All the negativity and "who cares" on this board are so disheartening. Why not give this guy a chance? Nothing will ever change if people just sit around complaining and saying "who cares?". I'm Catholic, and the scandal continues to disturb and sadden me but I don't let it interfere with my faith. The Catholic Church has done good in my life and with the people's help and guidance it will change and continue on. Arrest the priests who molested the children, throw them in jail and all who knew about it and did nothing. Then, let's take all the wonderful, caring priests left (and I know there are some) and rebuild the Church. As for the lawsuits and settlements, it makes me so angry to hear people talk as if money will solve everything for the victims. They don't need large cash settlements, they need peace, understanding and support. All the media hype around money takes away from the real issue - getting abusive priests put behind bars.

Paula, Medford

I applaud the appointment of Sean O'Malley. He has shown himself to be a compassionate and caring leader. I am, however, distressed at the outpouring of bitterness regarding the church. The church is not simply the Pope or the bishops or the priests, rather it is all the faithful that comprise the body of Christ. My faith is not based on any of these men, for they are all human and prone to human frailities. Rather my faith is based on a compassionate forgiving God, a God who does not judge but rather offers redemption to all. I pray for Sean O'Malley that he will reach out to the survivors with open arms and an open heart and truly be a shepard.


Yawn, who cares! My wife and I are disgusted Catholics, and have been since the scandal broke and the church did all it could to cover up and conceil it. I don't attend mass any longer and with my wife and I in the top 1% of wage earners in the US we don't give a dime to this institution! It will have to do alot more than window dressing to change my attitude towards this corrupt institution!

Tim, Northshore

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