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Spotlight Report

O'Malley named new Boston archbishop

What is your reaction to the appointment of Bishop Sean O'Malley, former leader of the Fall River diocese and current head of the Palm Beach, Fla., diocese, as archbishop of Boston? Will his leadership bring healing to the church, or are further steps needed? Share your thoughts.

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Page 2

Do you actually think that after hundreds of lives have been ruined by the sick pigs that have called themselves priests, that just because this new bishop is coming into town everything is going to be alright? I have never seen or heard of such corruption other than the mob. As far as im concerned the catholic church should pack it up and leave town, real catholics dont need a church to worship god, not a tainted one anyway.

Steve, Rockland

Children were being sexually assaulted for years by priests and all the other priests knew and did nothing about it. Everyone who knew and didn't protect the children are criminally responsible. The Catholic Church is still playing the corporate game with the continued delay in settling the litigation with these victims. I believe Bishop O'Malley is here to save as much money on these cases as he can and also to repair the relationships in the Boston area with the people so ultimately the donations to the Church will return. It's very clear to me the Catholic Church's focus is about money, first and foremost. Bishop O'Malley just happens to be their best 'front man'.

MMW, Watertown

We can only hope he is willing and able (able, meaning he will not allow himself to be a puppet of the insurance companies and the vatican) to do the right thing and settle the law suites. But then again, only us anti-catholic bigots (as dave from upperville va refers to us as) are the only ones who see that catholic church is doing everything in its power to avoid settling these suits.

Denis, Malden

As far as I am concerned, the Catholic Church has already relegated itself to cult status. The Pope and everyone else in the Vatican DID NOTHING when they KNEW CHILDREN WERE BEING ASSAULTED. Meanwhile, back here, we have a bunch of Christmas and Easter Catholics moaning about the Church's position on birth control and women in the priesthood. Neither the leaders of the Church nor many of their members seem to care about what the religion teaches. So the bigger question is Dan's from Roslindale: WHO CARES????

Richard, Foxboro

A good Irishman to lead the Boston flock ??? Finally the Catholic Church seems to be heading in the right direction ! Welcome Father O'Malley

G.A.Doyle, Scituate

WHo cares? This guy is going to try to cover something up just like everyone else. I a so sick of hearing about all of these pedophiles

Justin, haverhill

who cares who cares who cares who cares who cares who cares who cares who cares from what i remember we are supposed to put child molesters in jail right? oh but lets let the people who cover them up lead the church, morons!!!!

Steve, Rockland

Although not a Catholic any longer (raised one), I wish him the best and think it is a good thing that there is new blood in the arch diocese. God bless him and I will say my prayers for him. There is a long road ahead of him but I am sure God will show him the way.

guiltycatholic, anytown

Who cares? The church will still be the same arrogant self serving power hungry organization it always has. The Catholic church has no credibility left and is a laughing stock. The fact that it still has any relevance at all is a testament to the relative ignorance of its members. If this were any other organization, the out of business signs would be on the door and the whole lot of these crooks would be in jail. It's really disgusting.

Lance, Revere

If I had kids, I certainly wouldn't let them join Bishop O'Malley's cult. I think I'm with the Gov. Jesse Ventura on this one. Religion is a crutch for weak-minded people. Can't you just believe in your god your own way? Why should you have to listen to these criminals tell you how to do it?

Bruce M., Walpole, MA

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