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A new site from the Boston Globe includes news updates on clergy abuse and other Catholic issues.
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Cardinal Bernard Law resigns

Facing mounting outrage from Boston-area Catholics and clergy over the priest sexual abuse crisis, Cardinal Bernard Law announced today that he would resign as head of the Boston Archdiocese after 18 years in the post. Share your thoughts on the cardinal's resignation and his career in Boston. How will he be remembered? What effect will his departure have? And what comes next for the archdiocese?

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Good riddance to bad trash.

TR, Philadelphia

God Bless him and God be with him. What is going on in the church right now is God's plan for a purification - to make it stronger and better. The church was made Divinely - from God. So it can never ever crash. Cardinal Law is a human being who maybe made a big mistake, he is doing his penance.

Rachel, Burlington

His resignation was too long in coming. Cardinal Law has done much that is good in his years but his arrogance tells a lot about his character. To allow these atrocities is inexcusable. He lost sight of what his role should be. I don't believe his excuses, I do belive he is sorry, but for what? I have read his transcript and to say he doesn't remember receiving letters out lining the abuse horrifies me. He is either lying or were such letters so common that they don't stick in his mind? I don't know the answer but whatever it is proves he should not be our moral leader.

Kate, Holbrook

Considering Newfoundland has seen this same scenario come to the courts since the early 1980's, As a journalist who followed a lot of these cases, it's ironic to see a response come from Rome at all that in any way sympathizes with the victims of this horrendous abuse. Bishops and the Archbishops alike, here in our province, maintained innocence throughout the whole process and there was an ongoing protection of the perpertrators evident from the R.C. Church's side. Resignation is a form of admission of guilt...prosecution should be forthcoming.

M. Murphy, Newfoundland

Thank God the church finally accepted the fact that "the flock" have something to say about their fate and the fate of those helpless children. The church has felt untenable for WAY too long. How will Law (I won't even call him "Cardinal") be remembered? In my mind, he will always be remembered as a pompous creep who let the absolutely helpless suffer miserably as he hid behind his cloak and his staff. Lord spare us from such shepards in the future!

Kathy, Boston

Cardinal Law is gone, and good riddance! But it's obvious that the mindset he came to represent lives on in the RCC hierarchy. It's no accident that Law's abrupt departure from the Boston scene coincided with the start of a criminal investigation into the "Priest Abuse" affair. Once again the desire to quash SCANDAL, in this instance the specter of a "Prince of the Church" undergoing criminal prosecution, outweighed the duty to do "right". My guess is that Law will remain in Rome, playing his Papal get out of jail free card, hiding behind the shield of Diplomatic Immunity from prosecution. They still don't get "it", do they?

George, Bridgeport, CT

Law's resignation was long overdue. An outsider needs to be brought in to restore the discipline lacking within the clergy. Hope that Lennon's appointment is purely temporary. As a rector of the seminary that graduated so many abusers, it is a conflict of interest to expect him to restore the discipline so sorely lacking in the presbyteriat in Boston. A man of exceptional character will be needed to be brought in. Bishop John M. D'Arcy of Ft. Wayne - South Bend, IN, whose warning about Geoghan and others in writing to Law in 1984 were ignored, comes to mind. God bless all efforts to resolve the myriad of problems in Boston and bring about healing. Justice needs to be done; these lawsuits must be settled in a responsible manner. Chapter 11 is a cop-out.

Nick S.

This resignation is years past due. This man is an abomination and JUST AS guilty as those people abusing children. He not only KNEW about the prolific molestation in the church but he also PROTECTED those engaging in these crimes. He needs to be EXTRADITED from the Vatican TODAY and stand trial as a CRIMINAL for those crimes that he has commited. It is time for Bernard Law to pass GO and head straight TO JAIL.

Citizen Outraged, Boston

Good-bye !!!

Greg, Cambridge

It's about time!

Cynthia, Waltham

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