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A new site from the Boston Globe includes news updates on clergy abuse and other Catholic issues.
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Cardinal Bernard Law resigns

Facing mounting outrage from Boston-area Catholics and clergy over the priest sexual abuse crisis, Cardinal Bernard Law announced today that he would resign as head of the Boston Archdiocese after 18 years in the post. Share your thoughts on the cardinal's resignation and his career in Boston. How will he be remembered? What effect will his departure have? And what comes next for the archdiocese?

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Cardinal Law is a very sick man. For decades he moved protected priests as they raped hundreds of children. If there is a hell I can't think of a more deserving person to go than Bernie the pimp

Eric R, Billerica

They should throw him in jail and let the boys in Walpole have some fun, then he can know the same pain all of those poor children carry forever.

TJ, Rozzie

I am sad but know it was for the best.

Dee, Boston

Hopefully The AG will be able to successfully pfosecute the diocesan leadership. There are many inmates in our prisons who hae commited crimes far less heinous than Law and his priests.

Michael, Peabody

This whole situation is tragic and sad. Tragic in that the lives of so many children (and countless numbers of family members and loved ones) have been damaged and ruined. Sad because most of this could have been prevented, if Cardinal Law and Pope for ONE instance put the welfare of these children ahead of their careers and ambitions. Despite his resignation and apologies, Cardinal Law should face a judge and a jury. It should not stop there. Given that his decisions and ignorance caused so much pain and terror, the Pope is accountable, too. God help Bernard Law, and God help the Pope.

Kevin, Cambridge

Thank God he resigned - now we can get on with the work of justly compensating the victims - renewing our faith in the institutional church - and making 100% sure all our children are safe and our faithful do indeed have a voice I will now restart my contributions in the weekly collections. In fact, I will donate what I have not given during this past year (stored in a teapot waiting for this day). I ask for Cardinal Cushing to interceed on behalf of his archdiocese that we may be renewed.

brenda, scituate

As a good Catholic Boy from St. Gregory's in Dorchester, I can only say, "Bernie, you are scum and your apology at this time is worthless". The desire to see this guy in jail is commendable, but think of the costs we'll be looking at. With extradition, the expert legal manuevering that the church is so good at these days - it will cost MA taxpayers millions and millions of dollars to see this guy get the justice he deserves. I think a self inflicted dirt nap is the only honorable thing for Bernard at this time. Even though that is a sin in the eyes of the Catholic church, he isn't getting into heaven anyway due to horrific nature of his crimes vs. humanity. At least he'll be able to hang out in eternity with his fellow Priests that he wrote such loving and supportive letters in their times of 'trouble'.

brian, boston

While I agree 100% that the Cardinal made many tragic mistakes and covered up a scandal that he should have dealt with forcefully years ago, it's a pity that now this will be what he is remembered for. But as a Jewish person, I will remember him differently. I will remember him as a close friend of the late Lenny Zakim and a strong advocate for tolerance in a city that had so many years of prejudice. My heart goes out to the victims of sexual abuse and I hope their pain can heal. But I also hope that the good things the Cardinal did will not be forgotten.

Donna, Quincy MA

I ALMOST FORGOT: (this is an addition to my previous message) I want to offer a "Thank You" to Voice Of The Faithful (VOTF) for the tremendous work they have done to pull the church from complacency (or depression) towards hope and virtue. The respectful, prayerful, but DETERMINED influence of this organization of Catholic lay people and clergy has made a difference, in my opinion. "Keep the faith and change the church," as they say.

Ned , River Falls, WI

Time to prosecute some of these coverups. Also, more bishops need to go. This is a damn cancer on our society, and Law shouldn't be the token resignation.


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