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Crux, a Catholic news site

A new site from the Boston Globe includes news updates on clergy abuse and other Catholic issues.
Globe coverage of the scandal has been divided into nine categories:


Cardinal Bernard Law resigns

Facing mounting outrage from Boston-area Catholics and clergy over the priest sexual abuse crisis, Cardinal Bernard Law announced today that he would resign as head of the Boston Archdiocese after 18 years in the post. Share your thoughts on the cardinal's resignation and his career in Boston. How will he be remembered? What effect will his departure have? And what comes next for the archdiocese?

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If Law knew what was going on he is no better than a pimp or madame and should be prosecuted as such.

Dave, Brockton

Mr. Law is the most reprehensible person that I have had the misfortune of hearing about day in and day out throughout the past year. He is no better than the men who committed those acts against the young people who trusted the church. I sincerely hope that the next headline I read on the Globe is Bernard Law indicted on charges of aiding and abetting the rape and molestation of the church's youth. Quite a legacy, Law. Hope it was worth it.

David , Nashua, NH

He should be thrown behind bars for life for keeping silent all these years. He is a disgrace!

Jill, Waltham

I'm not a Catholic but being a recently transfered Bostonian I am far from satisfied that this man has only resigned, this needs to go further and he needs to be prosecuted. If any of you supposed Catholics believe that this is going to cure the ills of your faith, you have another thing coming. I don't see how any person could have faith in a religion in which child molestation is such a common occurance. The Catholic Church is a sad insititution and I consider myslef lucky not to be a member of it.

GD, Chicago

Like most “evil” in the world this was driven by power and greed. The institution of the church actually believing they alone “hold the key” and are somehow above the law and the attorneys who twenty years ago accepted settlement money and then kept quiet knowing full well that the abuse was continuing.

Ed, Boston

Dear Sirs, I am very much against the liberal priests in the US and elsewhere. The abuse og youngsters is the ultimate consequense of their wieus. I am a catholic, living in diaspora, only > 2% catholics. We can feel the harm these priests are have done also for for our diocese. It all comes from the liberal theology. These bishops and priests are sick people. Homosexuals should not become prists. I think cardinal should have known better !

Hallvard , Oslo, Norway

I agree with his departure, but why does this have to shake the faith of Catholics? I am a Catholic and I do not believe in the men behind the altar, but in the book that lays on that alter.

Robert, Medford

It has been too long in coming. It's nice to see the spineless Senator Kennedy, now that he has the cover of the resignation, come out and address it. He's only too happy to show everyone his Irish-Catholic heritage when it play well for him. Strange that he had no balls to call for what he knew was right when it was contrivertial...............

Andy, Medfield

It seems the only ones who clearly understand the real message of the Lord's prayer are the Protestants who seem to have authentic compassion and forgiveness in their hearts. For that they are promised the forgiveness of the Father. The vengence and hatred that fellow Catholics hold is contrary to the message of Jesus. And it speaks poorly of the deepth of their Catholic faith. Maybe they would feel better if they found another religion that is more attuned to their "beliefs". Now that The Voice of the Faithful have "scored a victory" for justice maybe they should speak out against the axis of evil that seems to have taken over the reigns of power in their government. Its revealing that they a silent when a person accused of war crimes, lies, covers-up and betraying American values was recently appointed to head a investigation seeking the truth. Their sense of morality and justice must in short supply. We certainly are in the reign of the Anti-Christ and it is not in the Church.

John, Vancouver, Canada

I vowed not to step foot in a church until Cardinal Law was gone. I look forward to mass this Sunday.

vin, stoneham ma

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