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2014 update

Crux, a Catholic news site

A new site from the Boston Globe includes news updates on clergy abuse and other Catholic issues.
Globe coverage of the scandal has been divided into nine categories:


Cardinal Bernard Law resigns

Facing mounting outrage from Boston-area Catholics and clergy over the priest sexual abuse crisis, Cardinal Bernard Law announced today that he would resign as head of the Boston Archdiocese after 18 years in the post. Share your thoughts on the cardinal's resignation and his career in Boston. How will he be remembered? What effect will his departure have? And what comes next for the archdiocese?

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About time, now he needs to go to jail.

Mark, Yonkers, NY

Peace in the world as I knew will never be the same,the children will never know how it was to live without fear--------its sad.

mary, millis

I am grateful that Cardinal Law has accepted responsibility as a leader and done the right thing in this situation. I am hopeful that the Church acts quickly and brings a Bishop of the caliber of Sean O'Malley to the Archdiocese. I pray for Bishop Lennon, the priests and other lay leaders of the Archdiocese, and for the victims. This is a beginning and a first step. May it start the building of positive momentum and the rebuilding of our church.

Bill , Brighton

i'm glad he resigned, but i respect him for admitting what he did was wrong and for apologizing. most people in powerfull positions would have just said,"i'm leaving to be closer to my family".



Casey, Milton

It was with great relief that I heard the news of Law's resignation that was long overdue. Hopefully the healing will begin not only in Boston but elsewhere.

Laura, Woodbridge, Virginia

I will keep you in my prayers. We are all sinners of sorts. Your sin was allowing this abuse to continue. Jesus forgives all of us for anything. Please do the right thing and see to it that the victims are compensated for thier emotional and physical pain. Its about time that the church carries its fair share and stops the freeloader mentality. Spend the rest of you life in the church doing what Jesus intended.

Bert, Lynnfield MA.

Although Cardinal Law's resignation was needed for so many children and their families have been affected but it is still a sad day for the church. The sick and thoughtless actions of a few not only hurt so many children but the adminstrative cover-up challenged the leadership of the church within our minds. Let us hope and pray that the true direction of the church to promote faith and belief in God will come back into focus.

Eileen, Marlborough

Will Law stay in Rome to avoid possible criminal charges?

mark, middleton

It's a start. But how would you like to be the poor guy who has to come in to fix this mess? Permanent damage has been done, and I doubt the archiocesis will emerge as strong as in the past. More swill will come out, and a good house-cleaning will be necessary before restoration of the local church can even be hoped for. I certainly hope that those responsible for this -- all of them -- realize what they've done.

Adele, Kittery, ME

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