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Crux, a Catholic news site

A new site from the Boston Globe includes news updates on clergy abuse and other Catholic issues.
Globe coverage of the scandal has been divided into nine categories:


Cardinal Bernard Law resigns

Facing mounting outrage from Boston-area Catholics and clergy over the priest sexual abuse crisis, Cardinal Bernard Law announced today that he would resign as head of the Boston Archdiocese after 18 years in the post. Share your thoughts on the cardinal's resignation and his career in Boston. How will he be remembered? What effect will his departure have? And what comes next for the archdiocese?

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Law's resignation is not enough. The Pope should also resign, he is sued because he knew about abuse and did nothing. Instead, he tried to stop the execution of a rapist and murder of children in Central America. If he cares too much for life, why did he remain silent when dicators were killing thousand in catholics countries of South America? The hierarchy cares more for predators than victims. Let's reform the Church

Susana, Lima/Peru

I am sorry to see Cardinal Law leave. I hope this is best for the Catholic church and not a hinderance. I hope it was well thought through in terms of the protesters, the law and the Pope.

Jennifer, Marblehead

Justice exist in this world and catholic pedophile priests will not escape penalty in European countries !!!!!!!!!!! We hope...

Davide, Milan

If you believe that there is a hell,then you have to also believe that some things are unforgiveable and that hell is for the unforgiven.The predators are still hiding in disguise..Let's find them and send them straight to hell......

John F , Randolph Ma

The only reason they requested Law to resign (you know it was not of his own intentions) was to divert attention from the fact that the Pope himself gave directives to shuffle child-fondling priests from one parish to another. More evidence that religion is of man and his politics, not God.


I find it a bit sad yet humerous that people say such things as : When Rome does away with mandated celibacy, many of these problems will diminish and Finally, and now it is time to see the Catholic Church follow Arthur Andersen into oblivion. Has anyone else noticed that this is not just a Boston problem: Italy, Ireland, South America, Dallas, L.A.....come on people, wake up. This is a worldwide money making conglomerate of pedophiles. Sure some happen to be gay, others are heteroiod but the bottom line is the entire organization is a scam. Richard W. Lewis, Sr. You know nothing about the Catholic Church! How you are able to embarrass yourself in front of the entire city of Boston is beyond me. Keep your ignorance to yourself!!

Peter, Medford,MA

Did he make some big mistakes? Yes. But please remember Cardinal Law never molested anyone. The next to resign should be the 58 priests who think they are being faithful. These are the "brother" priests who never spoke out against the abusers. They knew what some of the others were up to and did nothing. They were the ones who often forced the hand of the Cardinal to keep the offenders working in parishes. And now they are calling for his resignation? Shame on all of them! Hypocrites! I hope none of these will ever, ever be my pastor. I pray that the Cardinal will recover from this betrayal.

Tom, Stoughton

I am proud to be a Catholic. We must not let the crimes of others cloud our vision or question our faith. My heart goes out to the victims and to the dedicated clergy out there who have stood up for what is right. I pray that the Church changes its ways. The time is right for clergy to be allowed to marry and for women to be allowed to celevrate Mass.

Jennifer, Newton

Hang Him ! The pain and suffering that he enabled during is tenure is as bad if not worse that that of a serial killer. Not only is he personally responsible for destroying and causing the taking of lives through suicide he abused the trust and allowed others to abuse as well in the name of God.

Chris, Burlington

I think it's unfortunate that the Commonwealth's laws are structured so that this man and his associates may escape criminal prosecution. The Church's handling of this matter reflects the most arrogant presumptions, from the total lack of feeling and understanding of its mandate towards children to its stonewalling of the truth because they somehow knew better. These men should not have governance over children, spiritual or otherwise, until they have their own so they may have real knowledge and true feeling of a childs needs, which is theoretically impossible. A pox on all your houses.

gail, philadelphia, pa

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