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A new site from the Boston Globe includes news updates on clergy abuse and other Catholic issues.
Globe coverage of the scandal has been divided into nine categories:

MESSAGE BOARD / Dec. 5, 2002

In recent weeks, a contrite Cardinal Bernard Law has made emotional apologies for his handling of abusive priests and met with members of a lay Catholic group he had previously shunned. But archdiocesan personnel files released this week have exposed glaring new instances of church negligence and provided more evidence that Law knew of abuse allegations against priests who were allowed to remain on active church duty for years. Facing an estimated 450 abuse claims, the archdiocese may declare bankruptcy. In light of this week's revelations, what are your feelings on the church crisis? Has Law lost the moral authority to lead the archdiocese? Where must Boston Catholics look for leadership? And what should be done to address the church's financial crisis?

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Cardinal Law's only regret is that he got caught.He should be defrocked for all the needless suffering hundreds of children, men and women have suffered as a result of his arrogance and obsession with his image.If he had any honor he would resign immediately. He is a liar and so is his spokeswoman Donna Morrisey. They should both go!

Betty , Belmont

Law has LOST all credibility with Catholics all over the country.He's lied,kept secretive info that would damage himself and has lost the control over expenses that each church should be held accountable for. The BIG question is, Who has and is paying for all this abuse ????? Someone has to come in and clean-up this mess.It should be someone from the academic world who is free to put things back in order and send the corrupt men to jail, not hide them and pay their pensions.

don, little river

Cardinal Law should step down, he is self-serving arrangont ba---rd. He and Judge Lopes should share the same cell at least they will be able to keep each other company in hell. Why aren't the strong devote Catholics speaking up against him. He is usless and only cares about himself. He is a disgrace to the Catholic Religion to the City of Boston.

No Catholic , Boston

Sorry of hearing about it? try living it. I am sorry to tell you that this problem haunts victims their entire lives, and if you think its upsetting to read about it for a few months, then you have no concept of living it. As for the bankruptcy threat, this further shows just how far Law will go to try and stop the release of the proof of his herisy. They want to prevent people from hearing the rest of it (and there is surely much more) and stop future lawsuits. they must not be allowed to get away with this. Also, until this man is behind bars, the catholic church will continue its descent into being nothing but a sad joke

dexxjones, Scarsdale, NY

I am disgusted by the turn of events surrounding the Catholic Church. If this abuse was happening in our (god forbid) school systems, in a corporation or on an athletic team, heads would've rolled and right from the beginning. Who ever had a hand in covering this up would've been fired and had charges brought against them. But of course, our Cardinal "I am above the" Law thinks he should be treated differently. Cardinal Law should be forced out publicly and banned from serving in the Church, in any capacity, for the rest of his life. He, the rest of his staff that had a hand in covering this all up, and the Vatican should all be ASHAMED of themselves. I take comfort in knowing that they are all going straight to hell in the end.

Use to be Catholic, Boston, MA

This man should resign and the entire Archdiocese needs a complete overhaul, with the "laity" becoming more of the basis of authority, much like other denominations.

James , San Leandro CA

The latest revelations of the Church's failure to take strong action to remove abusive priests from positions of authority and further contact with children, and statements by the group Voice of the Faithful indicating that their personal review of recently released documents finds that Cardinal Law was not telling THEM the truth about what the Church had done over the past decade, indicate a Church leadership in deep denial and unable to act responsibly. If Cardinal Law had been the principal or head of a school district and these discoveries had been unearthed, he would already be facing multiple lawsuits. His inaction and that of his associates in the Diocesan leadership are morally indefensible. Voice of the Faithful have been pressing for a greater lay voice in the running of the Church and the leadership have been stonewalling. Would things ever have come to this if the Diocese had not been able to function for so long with such a great degree of autonomy, secrecy and power reserved to itself?

Doug , Sonoma, CA

I commend the Boston Globe for sticking to this story. This is a difficult issue to digest and certainly to read about. I think it so repulsive that Mr. Law continues to be in a leadership position and I find it even more challenging to wonder why criminal charges have not been brought against him. Many innocent children have been victimized and their entire lives damaged with long-lasting effects. I have to wonder about a society that has allowed this to happen for such a long period and even to let this continue to happen is even more unfathomable. The church should be held more accountable, not less accountable for such betrayal. The idea that they think they are above the law and accountability is a betrayal of all faith and religion. Please do not let this issue go by the wayside.

Julie, Cambridge

I feel Law should definetly step down.. he is not doing his church or religan any good... What he is doing to that chuch in newton is a Disgrace!!!!

Norene, wellesley 12/05/2002 02:22 PM Cardinal Law, do the right thing and step down immediately. Your resigning is the only way the people of God will be able to heal themselves.

Mary , Manchester, NH

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