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A new site from the Boston Globe includes news updates on clergy abuse and other Catholic issues.
Globe coverage of the scandal has been divided into nine categories:

MESSAGE BOARD / Dec. 5, 2002

In recent weeks, a contrite Cardinal Bernard Law has made emotional apologies for his handling of abusive priests and met with members of a lay Catholic group he had previously shunned. But archdiocesan personnel files released this week have exposed glaring new instances of church negligence and provided more evidence that Law knew of abuse allegations against priests who were allowed to remain on active church duty for years. Facing an estimated 450 abuse claims, the archdiocese may declare bankruptcy. In light of this week's revelations, what are your feelings on the church crisis? Has Law lost the moral authority to lead the archdiocese? Where must Boston Catholics look for leadership? And what should be done to address the church's financial crisis?

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Let's see here...A catholic priest KNOWINGLY allows sexual predators retain their posts, the entire FBI organization is corrupt, the former head of the state Senate and current head of the public university system feels no obligation to help catch a 10 most wanted fugitive if he can, and a state judge is allowed to interrupt her disciplinary hearing for a two week trip to Cuba. Yup...I must be in bass-ackwards Massachusetts.

Deven, Boston

My feelings are that Law should resign. It is as simple as that. He has no authority whatsoever in giving advice, aid or assistance to anyone. He has clearly chosen to help the priests over the abused children and women who are the real victims. I have lost my faith with the church and it hurts to see all of this happening. Law needs to leave.

Janine , Cambridge

Are you joking? At the very least this man needs step down.


How is it even optional for Law to step down? If a director of a Boys and Girls Club or a YMCA allowed his staff to molest children, I am pretty sure he would be removed from his job, not to mention prosecuted! Law should not be treated any differently.

D, Waltham

When someone drives the getaway car after a crime is committed, they are as liable as the one who committed the crime. The DA ought to look at the actions of all the getaway drivers in this case, and start acting in the intrests of the people. Law should be, at the very least, charged with the coverup. Like Bill Clinton, he lies and stalls, but in the end, the truth will get out. The DA should leave Microsoft alone, and go get these people who are the real evil among us.

Paul M., Hudson

Law is self serving and a true criminal. What he has done and is doing is liken to organized crime. There is no belief in God in this man or the people that committed these acts. As a Catholic I have lost complete trust in my church.

Eric, Medway

Cardinal Law can only show that he believes in God and the teachings of Christ, if he puts his flock ahead of his own interest. This means that he atones by resigning immediately and puts himself in service to others in a useful way. Otherwise, he and the Catholic Church in Boston are nothing but hypocritical and self-serving money grubbers.

Jane, Winchester

cardinal law is like a lightning rod bringing more trouble to the catholic church wich he let down so badly. he had no excuse with all of his teachings of the church. the catholic church will survive despite this man,and he should resign for the good of the church. he knows this was not a mistake after all of the churches teachings. fred. fontaine

fred., ludlow mass.

Short & simple. Law's performance is abysmal as a human being,first and foremost.Catholics want him to step down. Non-catholics like me think he should face charges like any other man. The acts of priests under his stewardship have been criminal and irresponsible. Law's reaction and performance regarding these acts is indefensible.This man must be removed from his position if he will not step down of his own will.

Alan, Sandown,NH

Read this article and get a different perspective to that the vatican tries to promote:

Antonio, Cambridge

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