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Crux, a Catholic news site

A new site from the Boston Globe includes news updates on clergy abuse and other Catholic issues.
Globe coverage of the scandal has been divided into nine categories:

MESSAGE BOARD / Dec. 5, 2002

In recent weeks, a contrite Cardinal Bernard Law has made emotional apologies for his handling of abusive priests and met with members of a lay Catholic group he had previously shunned. But archdiocesan personnel files released this week have exposed glaring new instances of church negligence and provided more evidence that Law knew of abuse allegations against priests who were allowed to remain on active church duty for years. Facing an estimated 450 abuse claims, the archdiocese may declare bankruptcy. In light of this week's revelations, what are your feelings on the church crisis? Has Law lost the moral authority to lead the archdiocese? Where must Boston Catholics look for leadership? And what should be done to address the church's financial crisis?

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I always thought Catholics were screwed up, now I know why. The Catholic Church is a corporation not a spiritual guide.

Luther, Hanover

As long as Cardinal Law is allowed to remain with the Church, he is no better than the priests that he protects. The longer he stays, the more Catholics that he is driving away. To me the Catholic Church is a joke. To me he is doing the devils work and destroying the Church little by little each day until he destroys it totally. Maybe the older Catholics can look the other way, but the younger people the church needs to survive are turning away and finding faith in other places. I have now put my faith totally into my family and my heart, until I find another religion that I feel comfortable with. If he was a private citizen he would now be in jail.


Mr. G. is obviously a Catholic who doesn't want to deal with reality.

K, Boston

If Cardinal Law indeed knew what was going on, he should go to prison. People are clouded by the fact that he is the Cardinal. A criminal is a criminal. I say put him in jail and let him think about it.

Rob, Boston

No question.....Law must resign now.

Dee, Boston

Cardinal Law often has often stated his concern for the poor and, in fact, has been in the foreground of the push for affordable housing in Boston. If he is truly concerned for the poor, he will resign in order to raise the level of contributions to the charities the church supports. Contributions are down dramatically and will increase only if he resigns.

Mary, Salem, Ma

Why is everyone posting the same thing? All I read here is "off with Law's head." at this point, what some priest did with his girlfriend in 1964 isn't real urgent. How can you be so easily distracted from the only real issue? What about the more urgent matter of victim support? What is wrong with you people? Law has a desk full of reasons to be miserable, and he will have to deal with all of them. Whether or not you think he should resign doesn't do anyone a bit of good. You people act as if the victims will be helped by your parroting. Get a grip and realize that the lawyers (and I wanted to be one until I spent the last past few months reading about them) don't want their fees reduced, so they will mount a public relations campaign to distract people from the fact that they are the only ones making money here. And they are actually taking the money from the victims' awards. And the Globe is in bed with them. Get it through your heads that the victims need our help more than anyone needs our criticism. Sharpen your focus on getting the whole award for the victim. The lawyers have already pocketed millions. The Globe won't talk about this, so the message board should. Or does any one of you have an original thought?

Ashley, College Student

He lost it a long, long time ago!Need new rules, 1)priests should be allowed to marry 2)women should be able to become priests (may take years butit will happen).

Helen, Medford, MA

I am not Catholic and I am greatful that I was never baptized into such a religion. Priests are men. Men that are deprived of natural instincts seek out ways to fulfill those instincts. If you think this is a Boston problem you are wrong. Soon the sickness will be revealed in other cities and countries. The mighty church is falling.

H, Allston

Law must go. A replacement is needed as-soon-as-possible.!

Jim, Pensacola

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