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Spotlight Report


How has the abuse scandal impacted your parish?

"Parish at the crossroads" tells the story of how one Boston-area chuch has coped with the priest sexual abuse scandal. What effect has the crisis had on your parish? Has it drawn the congregation closer together? Driven them apart? How have your priest and parish leaders responded to the crisis, and are you satisfied with their efforts?

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Well, I don't go to church, but if I did, you can bet your bottom that I would be one disgruntled little parishioner. I wanted to be a priest a few years back, but due to my questionable past, I was banned from such duties. My rage against the church began at that point!

Ryan, Swampscott

i have gone to mass and communion each sunday for years. some negative things happened in my life for which i began questioning religion. however, i always considered priests to be on a higher level, but after the news reports and pictures of handcuffed clergy appeared, i feel disgusted with religion and now think the whole thing is just a business, or maybe just a scam. watching a man on an altar celebrate something we really know nothing about now seems ludicrous. i doubt i will ever go to a mass again.

jonny, chelsea

Hello, I have removed myself from the Church. I cannot condone what they are still doing. My family and friends are mostly sticking with the church but have reduced their finacial assitance. I pray that I may return but I do not believe the Church will change it's ways.

patrick, Charleston S.C.

The criminal acts of those in religious authority and the lack of prosecutions have caused me and many parishners to question our beliefs in relationship with the organizational structure of the catholic church. As a result, like many, I have left the catholic church (I was baptised, confirmed, married) and now attend another christian denomination church. The beliefs are primarily the same but, the organizational dynamics are different.

John, Linwood

I have attended Catholic school from 1st grade thru High School, and I am completely disgusted with the church. I have lost a lot of my faith in the church due to the constant stories that keep coming out. I think it is a shame that the Church does not do something about it. The first place is to start with the removal of Cardinal Law. Any man that would allow kids to get raped and abused needs to be in prison. I do not see the logic in keeping him in the church. Here is a man that was aware that grown men where raping and preying on innocent CHILDREN and he turned a cheek. Cardinal Law is lucky to be alive in my opinion. Anyone that rapes young kids deserves to be burning in hell...

Eric, Waltham

The Sex abuse scandle in the catholic church has taken me to the point that I will NEVER go to a catholic mass ever again in my life. I cannot believe that for all these years this has been going on and the catholic church is handling this as it is nothing. This is terrible and I will look at other means of worshiping god, but not in the catholic church!!

Bob C, Jacksonville FL

I wish that your paper would begin to cover the majority of what goes on the church. Many outstanding people have entered into the clergy and into a very difficult and demanding life. The work they do and the selfless effort they put forth everyday of their lives should embarass most of us. I am not a practicing Catholic, nor do I pretend to turn a blind eye to the horrible and unimaginable events that have occurred in the church. However, I feel that you are doing a vast injustice to a large number of people whose sole purpose in life is to help others. To cast a blanket over the entire church is paramount to prejudice and would not be accepted or tolerated by any minority group. I am sure that your paper would not print articles that generalize women or minorities, so why do you do it with the church? What has occurred is disgusting and needs further investigation as well as anyone involved needs to be brought to justice. However, please do not forget and have some courage to report on the good that is done everyday. Unfortunately it is usually the cheap and easy way out, and typically sells more papers, to find the "dirt." If you begin to look and attempt not be biased, which is a term media has all but forgotten, I believe you will be impressed. Don't under estimate your audience, you will probably sell just as many papers, if not more.

james, randolph

There has always been a dark side to churches. I went to catholic school for many years and even 10 years ago people made jokes about priests and young boys. This uprising of sexual abuse cases makes it sound like this is a new thing. But the truth is this has been going on for many many years. I am very disapointed in catholisism, the church and how priests hide behind the religion. The truth is religion is suppose to teach you life morals and values but if we have a bunch of petifiles running it is no surprise no one goes to church anymore( they are just a bunch of hipicrets). If abusing young children are the morals and values the church supports COUNT ME OUT!

Alexis, Haverhill

My new years resolution this year was to get myself back to church. I went back to church on January 6th believing that this would be the start of something good. On January 7th it came out about father geoghan. I continued to bring my children to church, feeling angry but wanting to hear what our pastor had to say and how we should cope with the situation. Our pastor invited all to stay after Mass one Sunday to discuss our feelings but I was not able to stay. I am glad I did not stay on that Sunday to hear what this person had to say because just two weeks ago he was removed from our parish for pedophilia. So to answer your question, am I satisfied with the way my priest or parish leader has responded to the crisis? I don't think I'm too satisfied.

angry parent

The scandal has hurt our parish, spiritually and financially. Our Pastor tells us we are not part of the Boston archdiocese (we are Worcester)so we shouldn't be as concerned. Wrong answer Father Foley, we are all part of the Catholic church. Personally, I have stopped going to church, no longer contribute in any way. I allow my two older children to make up their own minds and my wife takes my youngest son to church each week. I would never allow my children to be alone with a priest for any reason. The Church has lied to all of us. As far as I'm concerned they have lied to us our entire life. Each of these priests are going to HELL along with Bernard Law. My religion teaches me to forgive and I will in time but for now I want nothing to do with the Catholic church. In closing this problem goes all the way to Rome and the pope is not dealing with this issue as he should. He is dragging his feet and hopes that time will heal. In my mind the following changes need to be made and nothing less is acceptable: - allow priests to marry. - Allow woman to be priests Note: Priest not marrying is a man made law and as far as I can tell it comes down to money just like everything else. The church won't allow it because it would be to costly for the church to support a family as compared to an individual. Steve

Steve, Milford

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