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Top Ten
1. Teradyne Inc.
2. Analog Devices Inc.
3. LTX Corp.
4. EMC Corp.
5. Helix Tech. Corp.
6. ACT Manufacturing
7. Millipore Corp.
8. Talbots Inc.
9. Cytyc Corp.
10. FleetBoston

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Overall performance
  1. ACT Manuf.
  2. Provant Inc.
  3. Analog Devices
  4. Sapient Corp.
  5. Foilmark Inc.
Bulls and Bears
  1. J. Jill Group
  2. Inverness Medical
  3. Reebok Intl.
  4. Bostonfed Bancorp
  5. John Hancock
  1. Aztec Tech.
  2. Engage Inc.
  3. CMGI Inc.
  4. Telaxis Comm.
  5. NaviSite Inc.

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Globe 100

Publicly held companies ranked by composite performance score

To be considered for The Globe Top 100, a company must have been publicly traded for all of 2000 and had 2000 revenue of at least $25 million and 1999 revenue of at least $10 million. The company must have reported a profit in both 1999 and 2000, and have a long-term debt to equity ratio less than 4:1. Real estate investment trusts (REITS), royalty trusts, closed-end funds, and limited partnerships were excluded. Bank revenue was calculated by adding net interest income after loan loss provisions to total non-interest income. SOURCE: Compustat.

2001 Rank 2000 Rank Company Score Return on average equity (%) 1-year % change in revenue 1-year % change in profit margin 2000
$ millions
112Teradyne Inc.12.7536.2169.9758.913043.95
22Analog Devices14.2532.8874.3555.462859.54
3 LTX Corp.19.5035.3968.24125.63381.63
44EMC Corp.20.5027.1532.1233.478872.82
5 Helix Technology Corp.21.0050.9181.5759.25253.09
643ACT Manufacturing Inc.22.5014.5396.85135.831370.60
79Millipore Corp.23.5049.4423.6849.82953.77
828Talbots Inc.25.2523.4621.8861.681595.00
9 Cytyc Corp.26.0031.5475.17286.28142.07
1040Fleetboston Financial Corp.28.0022.3712.2551.9714349.00
11 Perini Corp.29.00176.438.4591.931105.66
12 Centennial Technologies Inc.30.2556.93132.6251.3071.09
13 MKS Instruments Inc.30.2529.0774.7710.06326.96
146Biogen Inc.31.2531.9816.6229.75926.45
1564Perkinelmer Inc.32.7513.4624.37143.931695.27
1624Harcourt General Inc.33.0025.5011.7925.882412.34
1752Cognex Corp.33.5020.6364.8235.81250.73
181Eaton Vance Corp.33.7549.4119.0911.12447.43
1911Waters Corp.34.5041.9712.8713.48795.07
2038Polymedica Corp.35.7519.3749.0945.73209.45
21 Matec Corp.36.0024.5288.28931.6626.41
22 Yankee Candle Inc.36.0052.2929.28-1.75338.81
2314BJs Wholesale Club Inc.36.2521.1717.260.904932.10
2454Tucker Anthony Sutro36.5015.6136.5111.18832.92
25 Microfinancial Inc.38.2523.8629.3050.39127.31
2634Investors Financial Services Corp.39.2521.2730.2721.18220.86
2717TJX Companies Inc.39.7546.038.91-6.229579.01
28 Aware Inc.41.5022.9049.40105.4230.67
2948Forrester Research Inc.42.0016.9080.079.31157.15
3058BTU International Inc.42.0018.8339.6236.8499.49
3133Neiman-Marcus Group Inc.42.0016.599.0912.552948.80
3237Alpha Industries Inc.42.2515.0168.495.18274.44
3376Vicor Corp.44.0013.3735.6531.00257.58
343RSA Security Inc.44.0037.6928.46-12.83280.19
35 Reebok International Ltd.45.0014.23-1.19641.112865.24
3616Tweeter Home Entertainment Group Inc.45.5012.8638.203.73441.88
38 Quaker Fabric Corp.47.258.2420.54338.02302.99
39 Lightbridge Inc.48.7520.6935.49-0.41121.55
40 Kopin Corp.50.504.24139.51239.0392.60
4159Cabot Corp.51.0011.8211.1311.941548.00
4218Sapient Corp.51.2511.3181.81-14.76503.34
4310State Street Corp.51.2520.127.45-10.543550.00
4463Courier Corp.52.2517.5915.688.19196.46
4525Gillette Co.52.5033.451.54-35.089295.00
46 Boston Scientific Corp.53.2520.39-6.267.262664.00
47 Analogic Corp.53.506.9826.2219.31338.97
4821DeWolfe Companies Inc.54.0029.678.730.63194.44
4919Mercury Computer Systems Inc.54.2522.6017.12-3.93152.47
5074Houghton Mifflin Co.54.2513.188.2412.161027.64
51 Polaroid Corp.55.2510.11-6.22362.061855.60
5230Zoll Medical Corp.55.7511.6326.9226.61110.50
5326Bright Horizons Family Solutions56.5013.3919.67-2.89291.14
5447New England Business Services Inc.56.7521.658.15-12.27520.60
5560Chase Corp.57.2524.5335.22-17.7171.50
5696Liberty Financial Cos Inc.57.509.637.5319.841310.50
5750Foilmark Inc.58.5011.8319.4059.3666.29
5842Commerce Group Inc.61.0012.2314.17-24.291099.48
5961Steinway Musical Instruments Inc.61.7515.998.88-10.49331.70
60 Thermo Electron Corp.61.752.73-0.6167.452280.52
61 PCD Inc.62.006.2819.52366.1561.96
6220Progress Software Corp.62.0021.77-5.171.42271.35
6365Lo-Jack Corp.62.7541.288.27-12.1996.39
6489Metrowest Bank63.0017.8511.9818.0434.56
6557Boston Private Financial Holdings63.5014.1432.740.1155.08
6687Capital Crossing Bank63.7514.2318.9717.9342.59
67 Specialty Catalog Corp.66.0013.5111.7824.5160.89
6846Genzyme General66.508.8118.43-31.34752.48
6998Raytheon Co. (Class B)66.504.57-1.781.0016895.00
7067Mestek Inc.67.7510.5014.58-18.97375.99
717Staples Inc.68.003.3219.44-84.1310673.67
7290Unifirst Corp.68.508.077.04-0.07537.95
7345American Dental Partners Inc.69.5011.1422.40-16.18143.64
7492First Essex Bancorp69.5014.6710.932.7655.75
75 Ccbt Financial Companies Inc.69.5018.699.30-4.2464.56
7678Boston Beer Inc. (Class A)69.7514.317.79-5.90190.55
7795Century Bancorp Inc.71.0015.4912.57-0.4341.27
78 Netscout Systems Inc.71.2511.0536.49-40.83110.40
7983Independent Bank Corp.71.7514.2718.71-24.8786.30
80 Lifeline Systems Inc.72.007.6615.1110.4181.49
81 Genrad Inc.72.0011.4713.15-59.72341.66
82 Epresence Inc.72.2511.3678.20-67.7881.61
8341Charles River Associates72.2515.4211.60-12.2982.55
8462Stride Rite Corp.73.0010.08-4.25-0.42548.33
855Brooktrout Inc.74.2516.1710.71-58.85141.75
8615Saucony Inc. (Class B)74.2514.517.55-19.23166.36
8775First Years Inc.74.2516.23-2.30-2.65133.51
88 Medford Bancorp Inc.76.0014.069.68-0.7742.71
8923Sonesta International Hotels (Class A)76.0017.625.67-26.11107.04
9097Andover Bancorp Inc.76.2514.228.96-1.9255.73
918Affiliated Managers Group Inc.76.2511.66-11.57-11.25458.71
9235Allmerica Financial Corp.76.758.60-1.82-41.003087.90
9313Candela Corp.77.0021.991.46-14.9469.37
9485Boston Acoustics Inc.77.2516.033.59-27.63118.00
95 Peoples Bancshares Inc.77.5028.21-0.76-11.0637.41
9666Maxwell Shoe Co. Inc. (Class A)78.0010.1614.61-47.62164.55
9721Kronos Inc.79.5013.221.49-40.08269.75
98 CSP Inc.80.002.983.2169.2457.71
9951SLI Inc.80.255.754.40-47.33913.32
10049Parlex Corp.80.503.0240.55-71.99113.78

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