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Top Ten
1. Eaton Vance Corp.
2. Analog Devices
3. RSA Security Inc.
4. EMC Corp.
5. Brooktrout Inc.
6. Biogen Inc.
7. Staples Inc.
8. Affiliated Managers
9. Millipore Corp.
10. State Street Corp.

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Overall performance
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* Top employers
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* Industry summary
* Biggest profits
* Biggest losses
* The Bulls
* The Bears
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Globe 100 Charts

  • The Globe Top 100: Publicly held companies ranked by composite performance score
  • The Market Value 100: Companies ranked by market value as of March 31, 2000
  • The Sales 100: Ranked by net revenue
  • The Return on Equity 100: Companies ranked by 1999 return on average equity
  • Most Highly Leveraged Companies: Ranked by highest long-term debt to shareholder's equity
  • Top 50 Employers: Mass. public companies ranked by total worldwide work force
  • The Growth 50: Ranked by composite score based equally on sales and profit growth
  • Industry Summary: Look at performance of Mass. publicly traded companies, summed by industry
  • Biggest Profits: Ranked by absolute profit from continuing operations
  • Biggest Losses: Ranked by absolute loss from continuing operations
  • The Bulls: Companies ranked by percent gain in stock price over a one-year period.
  • The Bears: Companies ranked by percent loss in stock price, over a one-year period.
  • Top 10 Profit Margins: Ranked by profit from continuing operations as a percentage of sales
  • Debt-Free Companies: Mass. companies with no long-term debt
  • Wall Street Darlings: Ranked by market value to sales ration
  • Wall Street Wallflowers: Ranked by market value to sales ratio
  • Divvying It Up: Companies ranked by dividends as a percentage of stock price.
  • 1999 Mass. IPOs: Ranked by market price change since offering
  • Born Again: Ranked by absolute dollar change from loss to profit in one year
  • Nosedives: Ranked by absolute dollar change from profit to loss in one year
  • Biggest Banks: Banks and S&Ls, ranked by revenue
  • Top Billion-Dollar Banks: Banks and S&Ls with more than $1 billion in assets, ranked by income as a percentage of average assets
  • Top Small Banks: Publicly traded institutions with less than $1 billion in assets, ranked by income as a percentage of average assets
  • Biggest Retail Companies: Ranked by revenue
  • Biggest Manufacturing/Industrial Companies: Ranked by revenue
  • Biggest Biotechnology Companies: Ranked by revenue
  • Biggest Service Companies: Ranked by revenue

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