Bon Appetit Nominates 4 Boston-Area Spots for ‘America’s Best New Restaurants’ List

07/31/2014 CAMBRIDGE, MA Bartender Tainah Soares (cq) mixes a drink while wearing an apron at Alden & Harlow (cq). (Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe)
Alden & Harlow bartender Tainah Soares mixed a drink at the Cambridge restaurant. Alden & Harlow is among the 50 nominees for Bon Appetit’s “The Hot 10: America’s Best New Restaurants” for 2014.
Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe

Bon Appetit’s restaurant and drinks editor, Andrew Knowlton, scoured the country to compile a list of 50 nominees for 2014’s “The Hot 10: America’s Best New Restaurants,” and four of the chosen restaurants are located in the Boston area.

Cambridge’s Alden & Harlow, Brookline’s Ribelle, Fort Point’s Row 34, and Somerville’s Sarma are among the group Knowlton will choose his final 10 favorites from.

Knowlton, who travels to restaurants on multiple occasions before revealing his list (according to Forbes he eats out 250 nights per year!), uses three top criteria to judge the hot spots: “1. Food 2. Passion and 3. That certain inexplicable feeling that one gets when dining out. But really, it’s the whole experience.”

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Bon Appetit put together an impressive slideshow with each of the 50 nominees. On each slide is a summary of the restaurant, what diners should order if they choose to try out the cuisine, and what the magazine loves.

If you’d rather check out a straight list of the restaurants than scan the gallery, the culinary-inspired mag has got you covered, A-Z.

“The Hot 10” will be revealed on Aug. 19.