Wahlburgers CEO Signs Fenway, Lynnfield Leases, Plans Northeast Expansion

10-24-2011 Hingham, Mass, Opening night party for Wahlburgers Restaurant in the Hingham shipyard. L. to R. are Donnie Wahlberg ,Alma Wahlberg, Chef Paul Wahlberg and Mark Wahlberg. -- 19wahlburgers
From left: Donnie Wahlberg, Alma Wahlberg, Paul Wahlberg, and Mark Wahlberg attended the opening night party for Wahlburgers Restaurant in the Hingham shipyard on Oct. 24, 2011.

2014 has been good to the Wahlberg family.

Mark, Donnie, and Paul Wahlberg’s reality show on A&E, “Wahlburgers,” was a hit this spring, and now, the Hingham-based restaurant of the same name is planning a massive expansion.

The burger joint’s CEO, Rick Vanzura, told the Boston Business Journal that he signed a pair of leases for two 4,000 square-foot properties, one in the Fenway area and one in Lynnfield’s MarketStreet lifestyle center. Vanzura scouted more than 40 locations before settling on the two local properties.

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Burger fans will be able to chow down at the Fenway spot by the end of the year, while the Lynnfield location is targeted for a 2015 opening.

“We have a longer-term plan to open several more in the Boston area,” Vanzura told the BBJ. “We’re looking right now, but nothing is imminent.”

Wahlburgers is also slated to develop five franchised restaurants in the Philadelphia metro area, but first, it will open a location in Toronto this summer.

An earlier version of this report misnamed the CEO of Wahlburgers as Paul Vanzura. His name is Rick Vanzura.

h/t Boston Business Journal