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How to Protect Your Baby from his Baby Bottle

Posted by Caroline Fong May 21, 2014 02:00 PM

In my mind, plastic is a very innocent material, and I’ve never paid it much mind. It’s flexible, can be transparent, and comes in all sorts of colors. It doesn’t break like glass and I don’t need to cringe at the sound of my spoon coming in contact with a can or steel container.

In March, Mother Jones published an article on the scary new evidence on plastic. Even if BPA-free, it can still contain other estrogenic chemicals and “endocrine-disrupting chemicals known as phthalates.” They’ve all been linked to ailments and could even affect the health of future generations.

baby photos.jpg

One of 5 Phases' little fans


Foodie Hacks from The Grommet

Posted by Caroline Fong February 26, 2014 12:00 PM

Is it not foodie heaven when we find better ways to make or grow tastier food? Is it not delightful to discover new ways to prepare or store your favorite drink? And the best part is being able to share it with friends and family.

This week’s Grommet Gallery of hacks features food kits and kitchen tools that will give new life to your kitchen and palate. From growing mushrooms to storing produce naturally, here are six hacks that will let you eat and drink better!


back to the roots.jpg

Back to the Roots ($40.95, Set of 2 Kits) -- If you’ve always wanted a mushroom garden, behold the magic of an indoor pearl oyster mushroom growing kit whose soil is made from 100% recycled coffee grounds. Pearl oysters have a woody flavor and meaty texture, making them great for all kinds of dishes.


Product Pitch Hacks: Hacks for Drinks and Eats

Posted by Caroline Fong February 24, 2014 05:00 PM

A hack is a creative solution to a problem or a better way to do something.

Historically, everyone has loved cooking hacks. We swap recipes and watch the cooking channel in the hopes of being inspired by the cooking gods as we try to learn all the best techniques to beef up our cooking repertoire.

Last week, I asked the community what some of their Top Chef Hacks were. I wanted to hear from those who may be a whiz at substituting ingredients or knew how to prepare a mango in no time. It could even be for food art.

Here are some easy food and drink hacks that you can try out!

From Lisa Eberly of The Skinny on Health:

wine hack.jpg

In her blog post “Kitchen Hack: Make Cheap Wine Taste Expensive,” Lisa shares her hack for making cheap wine delicious on a grad student budget -- by letting it breathe or “aerate”!


Product Pitch Hacks: Hack My Kitchen

Posted by Caroline Fong February 10, 2014 05:00 PM

At The Grommet, we're a launch platform for undiscovered products. Many of our Grommets are problem solvers.

As part of our kickoff of the 2014 Product Pitch Contest with media coverage on, we will be hosting a series of blog posts that will showcase hacks, or creative solutions, to long-standing and everyday problems.

Last week’s Hack My Life (HML) blog theme was Hack My Kitchen, where I asked the community what were some of their best hacks in the kitchen. It could be an ingenious way to store food or even a way to organize the dinner plates. Or, perhaps another use for one of our many kitchen tools. It could even be a Grommet.

Here are a couple of kitchen hacks you can put to use right away!

From Lisa Eberly of The Skinny on Health:

cleaning your blender.jpg

In her blog post "Kitchen Hack: Cleaning Your Blender," Lisa shares how to clean the blender -- easy and fast. So if you’ve recently become obsessed with smoothies, this is a total game changer!


A Cut Above: All-American R. Murphy Knives

Posted by Caroline Fong November 22, 2013 11:30 AM

Last month, we sent three Grommeteers to visit the R. Murphy Knives factory in Ayer, Massachusetts.

Founded in 1850 as a cutlery business, the local company was family owned until 1954. Today, Mimi Younkins and her husband-business partner Mark Furman run the company, which still uses a handcrafted manufacturing process with machines about a century old.

“When I first walked in there, I was curious, very curious,” Bobby, our resident knife enthusiast, recounted to me. “I was blown away by the precision of everything -- and the thoughtfulness that went into the production of each knife.” He had watched the knives being prepped in the sea bath.

What’s more impressive is that the knives are made with local materials whenever possible (but the factory does go for regional and national when necessary). With its local factory, inclination for local materials, and local employees, I think R. Murphy Knives is a local treasure (with fans spanning both coasts) and very much a part of our local manufacturing history.

Here are some pictures taken by our wonderful Video Director Jesse during The Grommet's visit to the R. Murphy Knives local factory:





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