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Gifts for Men

Gifts for Pops: Be His Favorite Child

Posted by Caroline Fong June 2, 2014 05:00 PM

I know parents aren’t supposed to pick favorites, but I don’t think it’d hurt to earn some brownie points. Besides, as the oldest of my siblings, I’ve had the fortune and misfortune of having received the bulk of my parents’ attention. It’s only fitting that I get pops a thoughtful gift.

If you’re going to get dad a tie or shirt, close your wallet. There are ways to get him a “traditional” gift while still making it unique. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite things from The Grommet as well as a few common items you could gift your dad that he’d probably love your help with.

If your dad is a man’s man:

dad man's man.jpg

For the dad who likes well-trimmed facial hair, get him a shaving gift set from Napa Soap Company. Handmade in the Napa Valley, this gift is economical and eco-friendly. It comes with approximately one year's supply of shaving soap even with daily use, and it’s made with natural ingredients that sound good enough to eat!

If your dad prefers to landscape the garden instead, get him this handsome set of hand-forged garden tools from Fisher Blacksmithing. Functional and made from time tested designs, each piece is solid, comfortable, and a beautiful work of craftsmanship.


How to Buy Christmas Gifts for Anyone and Everyone

Posted by Caroline Fong December 2, 2013 01:30 PM

I have a close friend who already has all her Christmas presents picked out, purchased, wrapped, and sitting in neat stacks on her bedroom floor. Her chipper updates on Facebook include pictures of said presents, which make me guiltily remind myself to finalize my own list.

The problem, however, isn't deciding who to buy presents for or where to buy presents. It's what to buy. This past weekend, I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning combing the web, looking for the perfect (or even just near-perfect) gift for everyone on my list.

With so many options, it's easy to suffer from decision paralysis -- especially when you're trying to balance the “perfect” gift factor, price, convenience of shopping in an online or brick and mortar store, navigating mall crowds, free shipping deadlines, and more.

I've put together a cheat sheet for almost everyone in your circle of friends and family. So go ahead, relax and have another cup of hot chocolate.



Sempli Cupa Rocks Gift Set, $50 -- These handblown crystal wine glasses are designed to spin and decant at the same time. Buy a set for the old man and include a nice bottle of Port so that he can sit back in style.



Anywhere Fireplace, $169.99 -- You are the apple of her eye. This holiday season, get her the fireplace that she's always wanted. Smokeless, no ash, non-toxic, it burns eco-friendly bio-ethanol liquid fuel and is made of contemporary high gloss painted steel and tempered glass. It'll be a great conversation piece and a warm addition to any entertaining room.



Spooner Board, $54.95 -- Have a little rascal that just won't stay still? Get him this balance board; it'll challenge him to stand, sit, rock, spin, slide, tilt, flip, or wobble on any surface, anywhere.



Lille Huset, $35 -- Legos are great, but painful for the unassuming foot. If your little sis loves arts and crafts, get her this collapsible DIY dollhouse instead so that she can let her imagination run free.

Before we continue, you may say wait! All your sibling gifts were for children. What about older siblings? Well, I am counting on them being just as cool as your friends, so keep reading for other gift options.


Gifts for Men: For the Sharp Dresser

Posted by Caroline Fong September 18, 2013 10:30 AM

Consider this situation: You buy him a tie -- one that you spent over an hour choosing. It’s a nice purple. Or blue. There’s no way he wouldn’t like it, you tell yourself. You present it to him during whatever you’re celebrating. He says he loves it, and it goes to live in his closet never to be seen again.

It’s a thrill when the hubby or boyfriend is a sharp dresser. But what do you buy for the man who knows how to look good, and most importantly, knows how to shop for himself? Gift-buying for guys seems to elicit the most anxiety amongst friends and family.

The go-to gift is a tie, but it can be boring and unoriginal (unless it’s unique and different). To help the sharp dresser in your life looking dapper as usual, wow his wardrobe with the following roundup of accessories:

Problem-Solving Statement Pieces

Men accessories collage.jpg

HuMn RFID Protection Wallets ($76) are durable and provide easy access to cash. They’re made of both aluminum and carbon fiber plates to prevent RFID skimming, protecting your man’s credit cards and identity. Created by on-the-go two designers, they’re a statement piece despite their light weight.

The COOKOO Connected Watch ($129.95) allows your hubby, boyfriend, or son to get alerts and notifications even when his phone isn't right in his hand. It looks sharp and he won’t have an excuse for missing your call.

Stylish Tech Toy Covers

Tablet sleeve collage.jpg

Ryan Frank Cork Case for e-Readers and iPads ($33) are made of sustainable cork leather. Nearly every tech lover has an e-Reader or iPad, but not everyone will have a case made of cork. They’re lightweight, soft, durable, and completely unique -- and all without harming any trees.

The ReFleece Large Tablet Sleeve ($32) is another distinct tablet covering, but made of reclaimed fleeces through Patagonia’s Common Threads program. The upcycled and recycled materials come from fleece scraps and old fleece jackets, containing the stories of past adventures and ready to live new ones as great-looking iPad sleeves.

Classic Gifts with a Twist

Tie collage.jpg

And if you must get him a tie, Josh Bach Silk Neckties ($49) are hand finished in the USA and 100% silk. Each necktie expresses individuality and creativity through its clever designs by architect and art director Josh Back, bringing life to the quintessential fallback gift for men.

Wood Thumb Neckties ($39.95) are made from reclaimed redwood in California and will look dashing on any 5’ 10” man or taller. These ties have had past lives -- either as a part of a barn, old warehouse, or sawmill -- but no two ties are exactly the same.

What was the best gift you’ve ever found for your hubby, boyfriend, son, or friend? Share in the comments so that others may learn from your example.

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