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Weave Comfort Into Every Part of Your Day

Posted by Caroline Fong  April 9, 2014 05:00 PM

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Most of us donít have the luxury of living close to work and have to regularly commute for long stretches. Couple that with all the little fires we deal with at different points of our day, itís easy to feel deflated at dayís end.

If youíre like me, I am a fan of creature comforts. Yes, Iíll take an extra fluffy pillow for my head in bed. Yes, I need extra cushions on the couch. Yes, Iíll wear fluffy socks. And yes, Iíll sometimes sit on a Yogibo bean bag to work.

In the name of relaxation, Iíve rounded up 6 items to work into your day for some points of comfort. Simply choose from the three groups below for whatís most important -- and relaxing -- for you.


Ever had a case of itchy or suffocating underwear? Sure you have, and Iím sure itís a place you never want to be in again.

under comfort frames.jpg

For the lads, find comfort in Charles van de Pear ($49) boxer shorts, which combine the best-of-both-menís-underwear-worlds. Adjustable with built-in support, these luxury menís underwear are made from lightweight woven cotton shirting fabric that softens with each wash.

For the ladies, we want some light support during that time of the month, but not diapers or granny underwear. These stylish THINX ($32) panties are made from four super thin, seamless layers and soft lace. Each pair is anti-microbial, moisture wicking, and leak and stain resistant.


Ever feel like you need some relief after attending meeting after meeting? Your head and neck probably do.

cubby comfort.jpg

If you hold a sedentary job, you may find yourself with some achey muscles after long periods of sitting. Try some ice therapy with The FRoller ($49.95), a handheld massager that you can freeze. Itíll give you some cool relief without leaving a drippy mess in your office like traditional ice bags do.

For those who prefer something a bit more aromatic, t spheres (starting at $20) are a self-massage tool that combines massage and aromatherapy into one portable product. They release a soothing aroma of 100% natural essential oils and can be placed in the freezer or microwave, depending on your choice of pain relief.


Ever feel like your body has a hard time unwinding after a long day at work? Give it a little help.

slumber comfort.jpg

From the moment you get in through the door to the time you go to bed, calm your senses with an all natural, non-allergenic and soot-free Big Dipper ($20) beeswax candle. Naturally aromatic and infused with the sweet scent of honey, itíll take the edge off your nerves as you mellow out for bed.

And for those who like the cool side of the pillow when hitting the hay, invest in a PolarPillow ($120). It conducts the heat away from your head with endothermic gel technology. Itís great for easing night sweats and headaches and are particularly soothing for neck pain and migraine sufferers.

What are some of your relaxation rituals throughout the day? Share in the comments.

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