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Product Pitch Hacks: A People's History of Underappreciated Hacks

Posted by Caroline Fong  March 3, 2014 07:00 PM

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Last weekís blogging theme as part of the pre-game media coverage of The Grommetís 2014 Product Pitch looked to the community for loved, but Underappreciated Hacks throughout the years.

We all have our favorite. From 3Mís Post-it note and Scotch Tape to the brown paper bag, there are product inventions that have become a part of our daily lives. I wanted to know what ingenious fixes the community had come to use day in and day out. Itís time to give these great products a little bit of attention.

From Meghan Gibbons of @gibbonstwin1:

vaseline frame.jpg

In her blog post ďVaseline: A Household Staple,Ē Meghan shares how such an inexpensive and overlooked item has many, many uses. It can be used as a makeup remover, a split end sealer, and as a fragrance preserver of any perfume you wear (just dab some on your pulse points before spritzing) -- not to mention itís great for preventing chapped winter lips!

From Eric Leech of Urbasm:

post it notes pile frame.jpg

In his blog post ďGreatest Moments in Product History,Ē Eric talks about five great products, but I like the Post-It note the best because, as he explains, it represents the first stage of every life-changing idea -- failure. The glue on the Post-It note actually initially ďfailedĒ as a glue, but was later used as the adhesive for Post-It notes, an item no office is without nowadays. We donít think much about it, but we expect most work spaces to have Post-It notes.

And from yours truly:

usb frame.jpg

I still remember when everyone in middle school had marveled at the wonder that was the floppy disk, but I wasnít quite taken by it. When the USB stick came along, however, I was in quiet awe. During my college years, I had an 8GB USB stick on my keychain that I used to store everything from class notes to my growing collection of photos. Although we have the cloud now, many of us still carry a little noticed USB stick with our keys.

Looking for the next best products? You may find them at The Grommetís 2014 Product Pitch at Fenway Park. Check out the finalists and mark your calendars for the 3/20 livestream of the event on!

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