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Save Space with Collapsible, Contemporary Homeware

Posted by Caroline Fong  January 1, 2014 08:30 PM

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Two months ago, my friend and I attended TEDxBeaconStreet. During lunch, we sat in a barnhouse-turned-cafeteria at The Lincoln School in Brookline, contemplating what we wanted to eat. Meanwhile, the last talk before lunch was being projected onto the lunchroom screen.

Looking around, we noticed the dinosaur of a projector against a wall. Along with its stand, the projector took up a lot of space in that room packed with tables. Distracted by its size, my friend and I briefly chatted about how big things can be if outdated or poorly designed. It got me thinking about the (efficient) use of space, a neverending quest of mine.

And I think this is a good time to put extra thought into it as we’re all making our new year’s resolutions; I bet that most people have a home or apartment makeover--or decluttering at the minimum--somewhere on their list of goals this year.

While many of us probably don’t have old projectors taking up valuable space at home, we probably own many things that could be much leaner. Or, we’re ready to throw out the plastic dinner plates and makeshift vases to bring in some nicer things for the new year--and new you.

PUSH Bowl; €16.00/~$20

push bowls collage.jpg

I love poking around the web; I read about these really interesting PUSH bowls by Berlin-based The Fundamental Group. Made of copper, stainless steel, or brass, they’re part modern interior decor and part homeware. They come as flat metal sheets, which can be “pushed” to form a bowl to store oranges or to hold other items, like jewelry and knick knacks. When they’re not in use, flatten them out and store away in your kitchen cabinets.

Blossom Trivet; $19.50, Set of Two

blossom trivet.jpg

For multifunctional kitchenware, these Blossoms are fun and decorative. Made of silicon and heat resistant up to 482°F, they come in a range of colors so when they’re not acting as funky “flower” centerpieces for your counter, they morph into trivets, coasters, microwaving heat guards, and more. Plus, they’re collapsible for easy storage so they don’t take up too much space.

Modgy Myvaz Vase; $8.95

modgy myvaz vase collage 2.jpg
The LED candle lantern in the forefront of the brick display is a Lumizu.

If you’re looking to continuously change the vibe of your apartment or house without cluttering up the place with more “stuff” (and without dropping a fortune for it), these modern and edgy vases are perfect. They’re made of layers of polymers with the print embedded between the layers so unlike common vases, they don’t chip, scratch, or break. And they’re recyclable, reusable, and collapsible to boot. They blossom to full size when water is added and can be stored flat when not in use.

iSi Flex-it Measuring Cups; $24.95

isi flex-it.jpg

This set of flexible measuring cups in 1, 2 & 4 cup sizes is one of the best things to happen to a kitchen. Made of food-safe silicone so they won’t react with foods or break down in heat, their Flex~it anatomy allows you to pinch the rim to pour with precision. They’re also easy to grip, and their translucent bodies make for clear measurement windows. Plus, the 4 cup size doubles as a batter bowl (consolidate for less kitchen clutter). And after a wash in the dishwasher, they can be packed them away easily.

What are some of your best space-saving tricks or items? Share in the comments.

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