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The What-to-Buy-When-Santa-Brings-You-Cash Gift Guide

Posted by Caroline Fong  December 27, 2013 07:15 PM

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Yesterday, I went into work and asked my favorite post-Christmas question: “What did Santa bring you?”

My adjacent seat-mate told me Santa had brought her brandy to which everyone nodded in agreement that Santa was a smart man. Bobby (star of The Grommet trip to the R. Murphy Knife factory) told us that Santa had brought him clothes and money to which everyone exclaimed the latter was an awesome gift as an adult.

Santa had brought me money, too. With the extra cash, I had wondered about the different ways I should spend it. Wasting it on a few big meals seemed too gluttonous. Buying more shoes would make the shoe racks a walking hazard. And I have more books on my book list than I can keep up with.

If you’re in the same boat as me, here’s a quick gift guide for things that you can buy with the new year in mind:

You’ve been overworked and sleeping poorly this past year. And Santa just gave you $200.

sacred sleep eucalyptus sheets.jpg

May I suggest eucalyptus sheets by Sacred Sleep? With satin embroidered details and a 350 thread count, these naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and moisture-wicking soft sheets keep you comfortable in bed and let you sleep with a clear conscience since they’re made from a renewable resource.

You love bread, but you can’t eat any more store-bought bread. And Santa just dropped $60 in your stocking.

sassafras bread dome.jpg

With this bread dome from Sassafras, you will be quite popular with your equally bread-loving friends. Made from all-natural Superstone, it’s designed for even distribution of heat. The sloped walls make it ideal for today’s ever-popular “No Knead” Bread Baking—a method that calls for just a handful of ingredients and about five minutes of active prep time.

You are ready to liven up your cluttered desk with some life. And Santa just put $15 in your Christmas card.

moss stone gardens.jpg

Nothing livens up a space like some actual life. Plop one or two of these eye-catching moss rocks from Moss & Stone Gardens on your desk; it’s an effortless way to add color and greenery. The container is hand-crafted and the moss only needs water, no soil. This way, you can focus on the important stuff for the new year.

You haven’t walked out of the shower smelling good in ages. And Santa just gifted you $14.

fiat luxe felt soap.jpg

These handcrafted soaps from Fiat Luxe are one of my favorite items. They’re enveloped in soft felt, which creates an exfoliating and fragrant lather. The soap is scented with botanically-derived essential oils for a lovely aroma. Once the soap inside is gone, you can make a small slit in the felt and re-stuff it, ensuring exfoliation well into the new year.

If you’re looking for some luck, then you’re in luck if Santa spared you $8.

tamara hensick small wishbone.jpg

What’s more charming than a set of hand casted wishbones from Tamara Hensick Designs? Artist Tamara has a knack for taking a simple message -- saying thank you, for example, or encouraging someone -- and giving form to it. Place one on your desk to keep yourself grounded for the new year or give one or two away to your sister.

Need more ideas on how to use your holiday cash? Leave me a question in the comments, or visit The Grommet.

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