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Mason Jars and Bacon Trucks

Posted by Caroline Fong  October 2, 2013 10:45 AM

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Believe it or not, popular items bacon and mason jars have been longtime American favorites. Despite their places in history, the timeless appreciation for them can be gleaned from the hundreds of Pinterest pins dedicated to these two items.

The mason jar was invented and patented by John Landis Mason in 1858. Since modern heat-based canning was too cumbersome and unreliable for the average home cook, the mason jar was a godsend with its transparent body and screw-on lid. Industrial advances and World War II then sparked a mass-production of mason jars during which Americans were encouraged to plant victory gardens and preserve their own food.

Bacon, in a similar vein, has been popular even during the diet-crazed 1980s and 1990s. And with the production of artisanal bacon and the publishing of Everything Tastes Better With Bacon, the popularity of bacon took on a life of its own. Since the early 2000s, bacon mania has brought this delicious meat onto fast food menus, into restaurants, and even food trucks. Most notably, bacon is a popular merchandise item, an internet meme, a rallying cry for carnivores (and men), and a symbol of America.

To further indulge my fondness of mason jars and bacon, this is a roundup of clever mason jar accessories and places to eat bacon:

Using Mason Jars

Mason jar accessories collage.jpg

BNTO ($9) is a canning jar adaptor that turns your mason jar into a lunchbox or snack pack. It conveniently and securely separates your jar into two compartments so that you don’t need a separate container for your dips or sauces.

Cuppow ($7.95) is a lid that instantly turns your mason jar into a portable coffee or tea mug. And if your coffee’s too hot, wrap your mason jar in a Holdster USA ($26.95), which acts as an insulating sleeve. Each sleeve comes with a wide-mouth mason jar.

Tribest collage.jpg
Photo Credit (Fruits): John Mason via SXC

The Tribest ($85) is perfect for mason jar enthusiasts who are always on the go. It's a mason jar personal blender set, which makes single-servings of smoothies, protein drinks, and more. You can blend, serve, and store right in the mason jars.

Eating Bacon

Bacon Truck collage.jpg

The Bacon Truck and its menu of bacon deliciousness debuted at the Sowa Open Market last month. I made sure I paid them a visit that day. I ordered the B.L.A.T. and while it was delicious, my toasted sandwich was cold when the order reached my excited hands. I chalked it up to first day operations so I will definitely return for a second try. Other than at the Sowa Open Market, you can also find the Bacon Truck at fairs, events, and food truck festivals around Boston.

Baconkit collage 2.jpg

For the chefs at heart, the Original baconkit ($24.95) contains everything you need to make five pounds of bacon. The pork belly is not included, but a quick trip to the local supermarket or butcher shop will have you making tasty bacon in the convenience of your own home in no time.

What are some of your creative projects or recipes with mason jars and bacon? Share in the comments.

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