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  • Dear Friend:

    Since its unveiling in June 1998, the Boston Irish Famine Memorial has become a pilgrimage site for residents, tourists and commuters who pass by the busy intersection each day. Ireland's President Mary McAleese visited the park in October 1998, and Foreign Minister David Andrews went there in May 1999. Millions of other people, Irish and non-Irish alike, have stopped by to reflect on this powerful memorial.

    Just as Boston's Irish community responded admirably to the challenge of creating this $1 million memorial park, we hope we can call upon you now to help us ensure the memorial's longevity. The Friends of the Boston Irish Famine Memorial, Inc. has formed to make sure the Memorial remains an accessible, clean park for years to come, and an instructive reminder of the lessons of our history.

    The goals of The Friends of the Boston Irish Famine Memorial, Inc. are fourfold:

    • To build a daily and long-term maintenance program to preserve and protect the memorial and park. We have initiated a contract with Hurley of America Cleaning Company to protect the park from litter, graffiti and vandalism, and we're working with city departments and local abutters to make sure the memorial park remains clean 365 days a year. Our out-of-pocket maintenance cost is roughly $25,000 per year.
    • To coordinate public events at the park as a way of expressing an ongoing commitment to issues of world hunger and Irish history. In March 1999 we held the first annual Candlelight Vigil on St. Patrick's eve, led by Stonehill College President Reverend Bartley MacPhaidin. In June 1999 Father Daniel Finn of the Irish Pastoral Centre led a prayer service at the memorial park on the first anniversary of the park's opening.
    • To develop educational materials to inform educators and visitors about the history of the Irish Famine and of the Boston Irish. We are developing a school curriculum for teachers to use in classrooms, and a general brochure for the millions of visitors who walk the Freedom Trail each year or who come to Boston specifically to visit the Memorial park. Our web site address is boston.com/partners/famine_memorial.
    • To create an Irish Famine Institute in Boston that will continue to work on famine-related issues around the world. Committee members have met with local universities, international relief agencies and with physicians and clergy to construct a meaningful and long-term way to directly help starving people in need.

    We hope you will consider becoming a member, which entitles you to regular updates on special events, official visits, speaking engagements and other committee activities. The first fifty people contributing $200 or more will receive a free limited edition solid bronze commemorative medallion created by artist Robert Shure, the noted sculptor of the Boston Irish Famine Memorial.

    Thank you for your consideration. We think you'll agree that the Irish Famine Memorial deserves to remain an active symbol of the Irish consciousness in greater Boston. Supporting the Friends group will guarantee it.


    Thomas J. Flatley Philip C. Haughey
    Founding Chairman President of Friends

    Friends of the Boston Irish Famine Memorial, Inc.
    Membership Form

    Please count me/us as members of the Friends of the Boston Irish Famine Memorial in the category checked below. In addition to the benefits described above. Checks should be made to the Friends of the Boston Irish Famine Memorial, Inc.

    Friend $100 per year
    Patron $500 per year
    Benefactor $1,000 + per year






    Please return this form to Friends of the Boston Irish Famine Memorial,
    50 Braintree Hill Office Park, Braintree, MA 02184.