LeVar Burton and ‘Reading Rainbow’ Launch Kickstarter Campaign

Remember “Reading Rainbow?” Of course you do. The popular PBS children’s program encouraged kids to read for nearly three decades before being canceled in 2006.

Well, host LeVar Burton is back and he hopes to inspire a love of reading in a new generation by bringing “Reading Rainbow” to the world wide web.

Burton and his company RRKidz have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a new initiative that will bring the program’s “unlimited library of interactive books and video field trips to kids everywhere and help classrooms most in need!”

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Two years ago, the former “Roots” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation” star first resurrected “Reading Rainbow” in the form of an iPad app, which was hailed by critics.

Today, Burton wants to expand on that success by developing an online version of the series that can be utilized as a learning tool at home or in the classroom. He hopes to raise enough funds in order to subsidize any costs so that schools, especially those that are struggling, can use the program for free.

The campaign is looking to raise $1 million by July 2, and at the time of this writing, has already amassed over $42,000 in donations.

Burton is offering backers a slew of prizes and rewards, from autographs and personalized voicemails to a chance to hang out with the “Reading Rainbow” host in person.

Check out the campaign’s Kickstarter video embedded above for more details.