CBS Releases First Look at Boston-Based Sitcom ‘The McCarthys’

When people do things based on or in Boston, we Bostonians get defensive. Can you blame us?

We’ve got our guards up right now because CBS released a first look at its new sitcom, “The McCarthys” this week, and it’s based on a Southie family with four grown kids who spend a lot of time at home (and at Dunkin Donuts). One of the four, a gay Millennial named Ronny, is trying to make up his mind between staying in the Hub or moving to Providence for a new job.

We did some sleuthing to figure out which neighborhood the McCarthys are supposedly from (matching aerial views from the trailer, 11 seconds in) to a Google Earth map and it looks like they live within a block of E 7th St. between H Street and I Street in a triple decker.

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All of that stuff is believable, sure, but what isn’t believable is that two of the four kids have thick, frothy Boston accents (played by Joey McIntyre of NKOTB and Hampton, N.H. comic Jimmy Dunn), but central character, Ronny (California-born actor Tyler Ritter) and the boys’ sister Jackie (Kelen Coleman), have no accent at all. It’s either one or the other, folks.

The foursome’s parents are played by Jack McGee (“Rescue Me”) and Laure Metcalf (“Norm”) and guess what? Only one of the two has an accent (the dad).

Furthermore (and we know we’re getting down to the nitty gritty here), Dunn’s character, Sean, references himself as a former two-time Boston Globe All Star, but we call those All Stars “All Scholastics” in these parts.

Do you plan to watch the show? Sound off in the comments.