Will Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff Reunite for ‘Summertime’ Performance in Vegas

In the words of the the Fresh Prince: “Daaaaaaaaaaamn.”

Will Smith, 45, threw it back to 1991 on Friday when he reunited with DJ Jazzy Jeff and performed a shirtless “Summertime” in Las Vegas.

Smith, who took the stage in support of his eldest son, Trey Smith (who was spinning alongside Jeff) at the Palms Casino Resort pool party, told the crowd he was just there to “hangout and maybe get in the pool.”

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After teasing the screaming crowd, who he said were “making requests,” by pulling up his shirt (Jada isn’t the only one who works out), Smith told Jeff, “Let me give ’em a little something.”

The group got a lot more than a little something.

We’re talking an abs-out performance of Smith’s fun-in-the-sun classic that had the partygoers rocking. It’s a little sad that everyone had their cell phones out and weren’t really living in the moment (hello, you knew someone else would get a video of it), but I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same thing.

Smith helped commemorate the occasion by posting a selfie with Jeff and a 17-second video with the crowd (is a selfie video a velfie? vilfie?) on his Facebook page.

Trey thanked the Palms pool later in the day via Twitter, but it was Jeff’s Instagram post, captioned “JJFP 4Eva...30 Year of Rocking!!! And we’re Nowhere Near Done!! #jjfp #vinyldestination #vegas” that makes me hopeful for another reunion.

Now, let’s make some new music fellas.