Why sheep are floating in the Boston Harbor

It’s all good: They’re made of packing peanuts, not wool.

Boston, MA - 10/6/2015 - A sculpture of sheep sculpture entitled ÒWho Wears Wool" by artist Hilary Zelson floats in the Boston Harbor in Boston, MA, October 6, 2015. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)
A sculpture of sheep entitled “Who Wears Wool" by artist Hilary Zelson floats in the Boston Harbor.
Keith Bedford / The Boston Globe

If you thought you spotted two sheep walking on water in the Boston Harbor, don’t worry, you aren’t going crazy.

Two giant sheep, which graze over 12-by-12-foot artificial turf docks, are currently floating between Summer and Congress Street Bridges. It’s all part of an installation by artist Hilary Zelson.

Zelson created the piece, called “Who Wears Wool,” to honor the history of Fort Point’s wool trade and to comment—with some humor—on the shift from using natural, handmade materials to cheaper, synthetic kinds.

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“My hope is that this floating sculptural installation sparks exploration, discussion, and interpretation of current issues,” Zelson wrote on her website.

To make the mock mammals look wooly, Zelson shaped the sheep out of foam and covered them in packing peanuts, then painted them with a white acrylic latex coating. The artist documented the work on her Instagram account.

Sheep head with wool. Almost there! #WhoWearsWool #fortpointchannel @fortpointchan #sheep

A photo posted by Hilary Zelson (@hilaryzelson) on

Holy cow this is going to be one big sheep! #WhoWearsWool #fortpointchannel @fortpointarts @fortpointchan

A photo posted by Hilary Zelson (@hilaryzelson) on

The Boston Rowing Center launched the sheep into the water Tuesday, according to The Boston Globe , and the installation will last six weeks...so ewe have plenty of time to catch them.