Director Richard Linklater Debuts ‘Boyhood’ Film 12 Years in the Making

Independent film writer and director Richard Linklater has made “cinematic history,” according to the trailer of his new film “Boyhood,” which tracks the life of a young boy through his adolescent and teen years. However, unlike other movies which switch out actors in films to help grow the character, Linklater kept the same cast and filmed the movie over a span of 12 years.

Linklater built the seeming real-life story around a boy named Mason, played by young actor Ellar Coltrane, who was only 6-years-old when the film began shooting in 2002. His parents are played by Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette. Linklater even cast his daughter Lorelai to play Mason’s sister.

Linklater shot the movie in 39 days, but those days spanned over a period of 12 years, Entertainment Weekly reported.

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The movie is an actual passage of time on film where the actors quite literally grow before the viewers’ eyes.

The film which was screened at this year’s Sundance festival, received rave reviews from film critics. An Entertainment Weekly review called Linklater “a storyteller who reveres the art of naturalism.”

The film is set to open in select theaters nationwide on July 11.