Jason Biggs Doubles Down on Awful Malaysian Airlines Crash Joke

Orange Is The New Black actor, Jason Biggs, thought it was a smart idea to make a Malaysia Airlines joke today after one of the company’s passenger planes crashed in Ukraine. Instead of realizing it was a mistake and deleting his tweet, he decided to do the opposite, and tweet more.

The beginning of his tweet storm involved what he seemed to think was a witty joke:

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Then he decided he wanted to “get serious:”

Ok, so if that wasn’t bad enough, he decided to do some public relations for Malaysian Airlines:

People didn’t really like his sense of humor. How did he respond? By tweeting more:

Then he wanted to clarify that he does in fact have a soul:

Apparently all the people who didn’t like his tweets just have no sense of humor and need to figure out their “issues:”

Biggs continued to address his followers by power-tweeting a master class in “humor” and with a detailed description about who he wants following him:

Then he concluded that this was all TMZ’s fault:

We can only guess what other jokes he has in the time to come.