Jenny Dell Attends Rockland Prom After 16-Year-Old’s Twitter Campaign

for Names - 26names - Pictured are Jenny Dell, Shawn Thornton and Greg Hill. (Rick Bern)
Jenny Dell, the former NESN reporter who is dating Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks, went to Rockland High School’s prom.
Rick Bern

It’s high school prom season across the country, and most of the dances will likely be boring iterations of the exact same prom as last year. And the year before that.

But not in Rockland, Mass., where a high school junior’s prom date made a serious impression, the Brockton Enterprise reported.

In the latest installment of the already tired “celebrity attends a dance” meme, former NESN reporter Jenny Dell attended the Rockland High School junior prom with Cameron Stuart, a 16-year-old student at the school who spent five months crafting a creepy-disguised-as-endearing Twitter campaign centered on making her his date.

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But to Stuart’s credit, his effort—which included the business cards seen above, dozens of high schoolers borderline harassing a public figure on Twitter, and the unique combination of desperation and persistence that can only be found in teen boys—somehow paid off!

Dell was quick to inquire about the date of the dance and then slow to give any definitive answer, but a little over five months after #TheMovement started, she finally said yes.

And after some back-and-forth on Twitter about color choices for their wardrobe, Thursday finally arrived. Based on pre-prom pictures Dell posted to Instagram, the two actually looked pretty decent.

Dell, who took pictures with Stuart’s friends and spoke with faculty at the dance, told The Enterprise she was most impressed by Stuart’s persistence.

“There’s been people who have tweeted out here or there, ‘Will you come to prom with me?’, ‘Would you be my date to this wedding?’ but nothing like the effort that this man put in right here,” Dell said.

So good for Stuart. He may have helped breathe life into an overplayed fad that deserved to die, but at least he understands that, in this social media world, anything is possible if you’re annoying enough.