Boston ranks 6th fittest city in US

We already know Boston has the number one hospital in the nation, that Massachusetts ranks 4th in the nation for overall health and that Boston men top the rankings for expecting sex on the first date. (Well, maybe we’re not celebrating that one.)

But did you know that Boston folks are also among the buffest in the nation? Boston ranks 6th in the nation for the most physically fit, according to a new ranking by the American College of Sports Medicine. Minneapolis-St. Paul ranked number one followed by the Washington DC area, Portland, and San Francisco.

The report highlighted areas of excellence that Boston had including a lower death rate from heart disease and diabetes, and a higher percentage of those insured. It also has more parkland, more people biking or walking to work than driving, and a higher state requirement for gym classes in public schools compared to anywhere else. And Boston has more baseball diamonds than other cities—a nod to its passionate Red Sox fans.

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Where can the state improve and maybe inch higher on the fitness rankings? It could lower its rate of smokers and those with asthma, according to the report. And it could add more pools, golf courses, and recreation centers.