Mislabeled supplements seized from Maine-based Global Biotechnologies

Maine-based Global Biotechnologies was raided by federal marshals Wednesday at the request of the US Food and Drug Administration. “The company has made claims on its website, in promotional materials, and on the products’ labels that its products can diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent human diseases,” said the FDA in a statement.

Seized products included Glucanol and Immunol—labeled for immune system support—Lactopril, which claims to help reduce “gastrointestinal inflammation associated with Crohn’s and IBS,” and Healthy Trac, which purports to lower cholesterol, blood glucose, and insulin levels, according to the FDA.

The FDA urged action after the Portland company failed to respond to a 2006 warning letter citing numerous infractions in the labeling of these supplements. A recent inspection of Global Biotechnologies manufacturing plant revealed that the company continued to make “illegal claims that cause their products to be misbranded as drugs,” according to the FDA. The agency added that no illnesses have been associated with any of the products.

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Global Biotechnologies did not respond to a request for comment.