Weekly challenge: grill a better burger

Yoon S. Byun/Globe Staff Photo
Yoon S. Byun/Globe Staff Photo

With all that talk about nasty-sounding pink slime—or as the government calls it lean finely textured beef—in hamburgers, you might not be so eager to throw any on the grill this summer. But rest assured, you can find ground beef without the product: Whole Foods doesn’t carry products that contain it.

If you’re shopping elsewhere, ask the butcher to grind a piece of sirloin steak for you to ensure that your burger comes from one piece of meat. This may help reduce the likelihood of E. coli bacteria, which is more probable from ground beef made from trimmings from hundreds of animals.

Here are some tips for grilling:

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1. Use lean ground sirloin to reduce saturated fat content.

2. Grill burgers over a medium-high flame about five to six minutes per side, turning once. They should be cooked internally to 160 degrees F.

3. Looking to save on fat and calories? Mix chopped mushrooms, tofu, or cooked brown rice into raw ground beef to cut down on the meat in each burger.