Push Girls reality show portrays beautiful women in wheelchairs

Have you ever seen a lingerie model with stiletto heels applying mascara in a wheelchair? Or how about a blond bombshell making eyes with a guy at a gas station while declaring, “I have 26-inch rims on the side of my ass. It’s hard not to get attention.”

And, yes, she has plenty of sex—a question she’s frequently asked—even though she lost the use of her legs in a car accident a decade ago.

Push Girls, a new reality show/documentary debuting tonight on the Sundance channel, breaks some major taboos when it comes to portraying people with disabilities. They’re not patients but strong women with real-world romantic struggles and professional ambitions. And they’re gorgeous with a great taste in clothes.

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The four women on the show have been friends for years bonding over their shared life predicament: Learning to roll instead of walk, adjusting to constant stares no longer for their beauty but for their disability.

After watching the first episode on Hulu, I’m hooked. I care about these women and admire their ambition, physical stamina, and ability to navigate their world without too much trouble—except for one who’s a quadriplegic and requires a full-time nurse. That doesn’t stop her, though, from trying to restart her modeling career.

Check out the show tonight at 10 p.m. and let me know what you think.