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About Me: Corrected Copy: I also corrected "Correctd." I'm 80. The mind slips. I was in the Jesuit seminary from the time I was 17 until I did the Church a favor and left at 26 and "unkissed" (from 1946 to 1955). I left because as I grew older and began to think, I realized I could not teach doctrine I was having grave doubts about. The Rector regretted my leaving but I had to be honest with him and the Church. I then spent the rest of my life teaching Latin and Engish on the high school level. I had no other money-making skills. Got married and divorced in my mid-thirties and remarried late in life to a wonderful woman. Now retired. I am 80 years of age. My interest in religion still remains and have simply come to the conclusion, along with Christ's advice, that when you pray go up to your room and pray in secret. (It doesn't have to be your room, of course.) That's all you need for your religious life, I believe, but to each, his own. He said also, "When you pray, don't multiply words" but what do we do at Mass? We multiply words. Shhh, be quiet and then experience that inner peace of the Holy Spirit to which we are all entitled as children of God. No, you do not get divine messages when you just sit quietly. You just experience the inner peace, comfort and joy of the Holy Spirit. That is the only "sacrament" you need, the sacrament of Silence. OK, that's what I believe but, again, to each, his own. Sui Cuique

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